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01 May 2006 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Handheld x-ray unit now in Australia

INLINE Systems has launched a new era in dental radiography with the release in Australia and New Zealand of the NOMAD™ portable hand-held XRay unit. NOMAD is a radical departure from conventional clinical and field intraoral x-ray units as it has been designed specifically as a 'hand held' unit providing the user with true portability and over 1000 exposures on a single battery charge.

"The ability to safely operate and hold an X-Ray unit in the hand and obtain clear radiographs quickly and conveniently 'anytime or anyplace' has been on the dental wish list for years," said INLINE Systems director Mike Harman. "Using the NOMAD in conjunction with the latest in 'wireless' Digital Sensor technology that we also provide, this wish has now become reality.

"The Nomad is CE marked and has FDA and now TGA clearances for Australia allowing the unit to be shipped to practices worldwide. Dentists who are expanding their practices and replacing old X-Ray equipment, needing more convenient diagnostic radiographic information (especially for endo/implant), or doing work outside their clinic are acquiring units as the first wave of NOMADs began shipping from the US in late 2005."

Mr Harman said the NOMAD also saw heavy duty use in the Asian tsunami and hurricane Katrina disasters for forensic work and is now recognized worldwide as the preferred tool by odontologists for disaster victim identification (DVI).

"Nomad was first used in the Asian tsunami disaster to help international teams of forensic dentists to identify nearly 2,000 victims. It has been an invaluable resource for these DVI teams as power is unreliable and conditions far from desirable. The Nomad X-Ray unit has gained world acclaim in forensic circles as a result of these activities."

This technology is also especially applicable for work with children, handicapped, nursing homes, intensive care patients or even in remotely located communities.

As of May 2006, the Nomad portable X-Ray unit will be available to dentists in Australia and New Zealand.

"We are now able to offer this technology to the mainstream dental industry in Australia and New Zealand," Mr Harman said. "Aside from its physical capabilities, the Nomad also has an economical impact for dental practices. The portability of the unit allows dentists to use just one Nomad X-Ray in their practice rather than installing multiple X-Ray heads, or moving patients from room to room."

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