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31 Jul 2013 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Imprint 4 VPS impression material fastest thanks to active self-warming

New Products

3M ESPE has launched its Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material, a new family of vinyl polysiloxane impression materials with unique features and available with different viscosities and working/setting times. Thanks to active self-warming, this innovative VPS features an extremely short intra-oral setting time enabling a more efficient workflow in the dental practice. For excellent flow and finest detail reproduction, the material offers super-hydrophilicity. Further beneficial features include bright new material colours for enhanced readability and a fresh minty flavour.

Efficiency and precision are of utmost importance for all workflows in the dental practice. In the impression taking process, the setting reaction takes most of the available time. The working time must be long enough to enable all necessary preparations whereas the intra-oral setting time should be as short as possible to save valuable time and to increase patient comfort. With Imprint 4, 3M ESPE succeeded in developing a material with an extraordinary setting behaviour: The working time is long enough for reducing strain on the practice team, while the intra-oral setting time is much shorter than that of any other VPS material on the market (data on file). This is achieved by the Imprint 4 material's active self-warming, a unique mechanism caused by an additional chemical reaction which starts after the working time and leads to a significant acceleration of the setting in the patient's mouth.

Taking a precise impression is strongly dependent on detail reproduction which, in turn, is influenced by the hydrophilicity of an impression material. The addition of a newly developed wetting enabler in Imprint 4 leads to its super-hydrophilic behaviour - making sure the material is super-hydrophilic in the unset state and not only in the cured state. The excellent flow properties of Imprint 4 are available right from the moment where it touches the moist intra-oral environment so that the material is able to capture even the finest details.

Imprint 4 VPS impression materials are perfectly suited for the 1-step and 2-step techniques and available with different viscosities and working/setting times, so that an ideal material combination can be found for every indication and technique.

The family of Imprint 4 VPS Impression Materials offers unique active self-warming for accelerated setting in the mouth resulting in the shortest intra-oral setting time on the market.

The unique features of new Imprint 4 VPS Impression Materials enable excellent impression precision for perfectly fitting restorations. Materials are available in fresh, contrasting colours.

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