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01 Jul 2005 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Is your team keeping up with your dentistry?

Dentists are continuing to increase their clinical skills to be able to complete more cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry but are often neglecting the development of the rest of the practice team, according to practice managment guru Jennifer de St Georges.

"Clinical excellence is the foundation of good dentistry but it must be remembered that the patient relationships that will lead to treatment plan acceptance cannot be establised by the dentist alone," Ms de St Georges said. "It requires a team effort at every level.

"The patient experience starts the moment the patient has any contact with the practice and follows through well after the dental work is completed in the treatment room. While the role the dentist plays is pivotal, it is only one part of the patient experience.

"The difference between a good practice and a great practice is ensuring that everyone is working as a team which in turn makes the patient experience an enjoyable and repeatable one. Working as a team will also mean that everyone will have a more enjoyable day and as a dentist, you will have less stress and more flexibility to achieve your goals of clinical excellence.

"The one day programme I am delivering in Australia in October will provide a road map to fine tune your practice and equip you with the tools you will need to take it to the next level."

Ms de St Georges said the programme will focus on key strategies on practise concepts and leadership. "The common bond of successful practices is they are led by dentists who appreciate and build a strong team."

Also included will be practical tips and tactics to ensure your schedule runs on time and in a stress-free manner, particularly for new patients and emergencies.

Presenting the costs of dental treatment to your patients and solutions on how patients can pay their bill without the practice becoming a bank will be some more of the essential tools you will take with you from the seminar.

"Running a successful practice is essentially about ensuring productivity is maintained. Dentists are selling their time and so whether your financial goals are met is tied to how well you use your time in the practice.

"Poor scheduling, a high rate of cancellations and no-shows, poor management of new patients and emergencies all impact on your time.

"Equally, if you are spending time planning treatment that is never accepted by patients you need to examine the reasons behind this.

"Ideally, you want every patient who presents to your practice to immediately accept the treatment recommended and in turn, you want to be paid for that service immediately or in a timely fashion.

"This should be the goal of you and your dream team where excellence is not just restricted to the dental chair.

"I do look forward to being back in October and catching up with all my Australian friends and hope you are all able to attend the programme."

More comments about Jennifer's 2004 Programme:

"Great! I am so sorry that I didn't bring any of my staff. I am looking forward to Jennifer's return visit when I will be sure to bring all my staff. I have so many pearls that I want to implement first thing on Monday."
Dr Peter Etcell, Fairfield, New South Wales

"I attended a 2-hour seminar with Jennifer at FDI 2003, Sydney and now this one and a half day presentation, but I'm still not getting enough! Let me know when you are going to do another comprehensive seminar with Jennifer – I'll be there."
Dr Dennis Chang, Sunnybank Hills, Queensland

"I found Jennifer to be a very confident, interesting speaker. She made some very valid points regarding the way in which the dental practice can educate and care for patients in a positive and stress-free manner."
Katrina Leeson, Practice Administrator, Gympie, Queensland

"I could have listened to Jennifer forever."
Silvana Pannunzio, Administration Staff, Melbourne, Victoria

"The knowledge I have gained from this seminar has been an exceptional experience that will be put into practice not only at the dental practice but also at home. Well worth giving up my valued Saturday and I want to hear more of Jennifer."
Merry Freeman, Asquith, New South Wales

"This weekend course has been very helpful for me to work on running a more professional practice and providing better care to our patients. I would definitely attend one of Jennifer's seminars again."
Jessica Walsh, Cairns, Queensland

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