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Ivoclar Vivadent launches new Cention® Forte, a pioneering filling material featuring bioactive ion release

Ivoclar Vivadent has launched Cention Forte and Cention Primer, a mercury-free system for filling dental cavities. The new bioactive basic filling material is superior to its traditional amalgam counterparts in almost every respect. It is suitable for the placement of permanent Class I and II fillings.

The bioactive powder-liquid filling material is a truly innovative alternative to conventional amalgam filling materials. It is characterised by exceptional durability, high flexural strength, true-to-nature aesthetics and bioactive ion release.

Making people smile: Long-lasting aesthetic results

High flexural strength is an important factor for long-lasting restorations. In this respect, Cention Forte clearly stands out from commercial glass ionomer cements and delivers exceptional performance due to its high flexural strength values of over 100 MPa in the load-bearing posterior region. Cention Forte blends in seamlessly with the natural tooth structure: The material is tooth-coloured and has a high translucency of around 11%.

Highly sophisticated: Release of bioactive ions as required

Cention Forte helps to prevent demineralisation and promote remineralisation. This special filling material contains a sophisticated ion-releasing mechanism. If the pH drops due to the growth of cariogenic bacteria, Cention Forte will release hydroxide ions as required and therefore help to restore the pH balance and prevent the demineralisation of tooth structure. At the same time, the fluoride and calcium ions released from Cention Forte can assist in the remineralisation of the tooth structure and the prevention of secondary caries.

A fully coordinated system: Cention Forte & Cention Primer

Ivoclar Vivadent additionally supplies a matching primer, therefore providing a fully coordinated system made up of Cention Forte and Cention Primer for the placement of basic dental fillings. The two-component Cention Primer has been specially developed for use with Cention Forte. The self-etching and self-curing primer provides the best possible foundation for filling procedures. Both products used together enable quick and efficient minimally invasive treatment.

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