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Kulzer Australia launches Venus Diamond and Pearl ONE Shade

One for the basics. All for the details. With this message, Kulzer launches a one-shade composite solution for the majority of everyday cases: Venus Diamond ONE Shade and Venus Pearl ONE Shade. Due to its incredible shade matching properties, a restoration with the new ONE Shade becomes invisible by blending into any surrounding dentition. ONE Shade saves time as no shade selection is needed. Based on the Kulzer experience and know-how in modern composites, Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade come with the huge advantage of being integrated into a family of composites that have been scientifically evaluated and documented in numerous clinical cases for more than 10 years. Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl are appreciated by dentists worldwide for their efficient handling, strength and aesthetic possibilities.

ONE for the basics

Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade are used for basic restorations, e.g. in the posterior region. ALL for the details: All known Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl shades cover the more complex and aesthetically challenging cases, e. g. in the anterior. Altogether, they stand for one efficient and reliable solution independent of one-shading or aesthetic layering demands.

Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade blend seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear. Dentists not only meet the same easy and convenient handling as with Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl that has been confirmed by numerous awards, from Reality or The Dental Advisor. They can also expect the same enhanced mechanical properties of Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl that have been confirmed successfully in various scientific studies worldwide. The confirmed resistance to chippings and fractures allows the filling of even large cavities with confidence to satisfy patient demands. The combination of these underlying prerequisites makes the composite so ideal for everyday cases.

The unique TCD-matrix and the optimised nano-hybrid filler system lead to exceptional flexural strength, minimal shrinkage stress and high wear resistance preventing chippings and fractures. The innovative Venus formula thus promises long-lasting, pleasing and reliable restorations with a permanent, natural lustre. Both composites also have high radiopacity, ensuring a reliable diagnosis.

Dentists do not have to change their handling habits while getting a reliable all-in-one composite. With Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl, they can choose the composite consistency according to their preference and indication: Venus Diamond ONE Shade for a firm consistency and Venus Pearl ONE Shade for a creamy consistency. Both composites are stable and equipped with very low stickiness and offer an extended working time. Their non-slump qualities provide for easy carving and sculpting. Both provide one shading and unlimited possibilities for the aesthetic zone. There is no need for a second line of composite.

Truly universal ONE shade composites

Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade are truly universal-shade composites for everyday cases with enhanced mechanical properties. With Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade dentists can confidently skip the step of colour selection and still expect highly aesthetic and long-lasting results.

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