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01 Sep 2005 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Last chance to see the Queen in 2005

Jennifer de St Georges' upcoming full day seminar in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in October is the perfect opportunity to invest in educating your whole team.

"Where exactly did you learn how to schedule efficiently?," Ms de St Georges asks, "and who educated you on the ideal techniques to deal with difficult patients? Why is it essential for the patient to commit to a procedure financially and upfront and why are you presenting far more treatment than is ever seeing your appointment book?

"If I asked you the same questions in relation to a clinical technique you practise, you may well be able to cite lectures and workshops you had attended and your reading material chapter and verse.

"When it comes to the softer skills of your practice, however, I am often confronted with a blank look and some murmuring that simply, it is done this way because it has always been done this way.

"You work in healthcare and you are running a business and it is important that everyone who works in your practice has sufficient education at every level in order that they can perform their role effectively. There is also a need for their knowledge to have greater depth and an understanding of the why rather than just the how.

"A thorough understanding of the complete patient/practice dynamic and the skills to think laterally will set you on the road to building a dream team where you revel in every working day and patients can't wait to accept treatment.

"Clinically, you are the repository of knowledge in the practice and well-equipped to answer any question your team may have in this regard. You are used to providing solutions to clinical issues all day and feel compelled similarly to solve problems when management issues arise.

"But is there a better way to approach issues rather than ad hoc solutions or falling back on procedures that have always been around since time immemorial? If you invest in your team to bring them up-to-date with the lastest developments and appraise them of world's best practice management techniques, then they will be equipped to proactively adapt to any situation that arises and efficiency and productivity will increase.

"The one day programme I am delivering in Australia in October will provide a road map to fine tune your practice and equip you and your team with the tools you need to take it to the next level.

"Running a successful practice is essentially about ensuring productivity is maintained. Dentists are selling their time and so whether your financial goals are met is tied to how well you use your time in the practice.

"Equally, if you are spending time planning treatment that is never accepted by patients you need to examine the reasons behind this.

"I do look forward to being back in October and catching up with all my Australian friends and hope you are all able to attend the programme."

More comments about Jennifer's 2004 Programme:

"Very dynamic. I enjoyed the scripts and attention to detail in the way you converse with patients. I believe that even if your practice is running smoothly you never stop learning and like a good marriage requires work. I love the proactive approach. Congrats to Jennifer on your long career, you are inspirational and have kept my passion burning. I wish I had brought the Appointment Scheduler and Hygiene Coordinator with me."
Sarah Arnold, Marketing & Practice Coordinator, Townsville, Queensland

"Wonderful, warm, witty and so helpful."Brenda Vale, Administrator, Berowa, Queensland

"Very enjoyable and informative. A pleasure to hear someone so passionate about their area of expertise. Thank you."
Dr Branka Starcevic, Gympie, Queensland

"Jenny provided an entertaining and insightful analysis of how to improve the way a practice is managed. I look forward to returning to the practice to implement some of her ideas."
Nicole Vivian, Office Manager, Parap Northern, Territory

"Fantastic presentation. Highly informative and I will take the knowledge I've gained and implement back in the practice."
Shelley Williams, Dental Assistant, Melbourne, Victoria

"Very informative and detailed. The seminar was very refreshing and brought up new ideas to think about."
Sisi Hutchinson, Hygienist, Essendon Airport, Victoria

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