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01 Dec 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Levitch launches budget surgery design package

Surgery Design

Levitch Design Associates (LDA) chose the recent Masters of Dentistry conference to unveil DesignPak, a new design product specifically prepared for today's dentist.

"We have been privileged to work with top-end dentists over the past 17 years," explained LDA director Dr Genna Levitch. "The practices with which we have worked have without exception enjoyed remarkable success. Some dentists report that the fitout is paying for itself in the first month. Three or four years later, several practices have grown by 300%. In analysing this satisfying success rate, we have identified two areas where we can add maximum value to a new surgery. These are our Space Planning and Colour Selection.

Dr Levitch said that many dentists are not in a position to commission LDA's full design and documentation service, but would still love to have access to the company's expertise.

"We would like to offer the average dentist an opportunity to benefit from our experience so in response to numerous requests, we have launched DesignPak. As part of this new service, we will provide a professional floor plan and a choice from a range of five colour schedules for a set fee. The fees are competitively set and range from $1800 for a floor plan less than 150sqm and $1500 for one of the five colour schedules. With these two areas resolved, a dentist can use his own skills or a local builder to complete the project".

"We are passionate about every aspect of dental surgery design!," said Anne Levitch, the Design Director at LDA. "When space planning, we consider ergonomics, traffic flow, spatial balance, area relationships and focal points. But the central core of a space plan is not the position of the dental chair; it is the functional separation of three clear zones: the Public Zone; the Clinical Zone; and the Private Zone.

"By separating these spaces and being creative in how they interconnect, you get a final result where the patients are kept comfortable in a relaxed public space, clinical flow and function can define the clinical space, and most importantly, the staff have a private spot to catch their breath between patients.

"The second aspect is the finishes. As a design professional, I know we can create a defining ambience with the correct co-ordination of finishes for laminates, paint, fabric, carpet and vinyl. Combinations of colours affect our mood and emotions in subtle yet powerful ways. It can influence our decisions and perceptions. Patients certainly are influenced more by what they see than what they hear. With this in mind, we have prepared a range of five colour schedules based on classic Australian environments."

Ms Levitch said that the DesignPak comes with full instructions on how much space per dental chair is required, the choices in the ColourPak range and a video clip of recent LDA work.

"DesignPak should be attractive to the dentist who previously had to rely on dental equipment installers, the builder or themselves to come up with a floor plan and a colour range," she said.

"We believe that in offering this service to the profession, a greater cross-section of dentists will have the chance to enjoy a practice presentation that supports them in the two crucial areas that influence a patients perception. It will also support staff efficiency and productivity with practice growth being a natural outcome."

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