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31 Mar 2018 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Melag Cliniclave 45 offers big practices a large capacity sterilisation solution

More and more large, multi-chair, multi-practitioner dental clinics are being established in Australia than ever before. Large practices need considerable capacity to reprocess instruments and addressing this issue with traditional 18 or 22L benchtop steam sterilisers similarly requires multiple units. These, in turn, occupy a large footprint and become complex to test, administer and operate.

As an alternative to multiple small sterilisers, large clinics can opt to install a large capacity steriliser that can do the work of 5 to 10 smaller units.

With a capacity of up to 40 kg of unwrapped instruments, up to 35 kg of wrapped instruments and up to 7 kg of textiles, the MELAG Cliniclave 45 is an ideal solution for large dental practices.

The extra-large cylindrical sterilisation chamber of the Cliniclave 45, in combination with specifically designed insertion racks, offers ideal solutions for all applications. Thanks to the patented technology of the sterilisation chambers used in the Cliniclave 45 and the optimised operating hours enabled by this technology, the Cliniclave becomes a decisive component in the area of instrument treatment.

By activating automatic shutdown before starting the last batch of the day means that the Cliniclave switches-off automatically immediately after the end of the program. Batch clearance can then be performed the next day, immediately after activating the device.

The choice of single or double doors and a slide rail integrated into the sterilisation chamber simplifies the loading and unloading of the Cliniclave 45. It allows for the various loading configurations to be slid into and removed from the Cliniclave 45 in an effortless, ergonomic and fast manner.

The extra-large colour touch display enables intuitive operation as well as a quick programme selection and helps to avoid errors. The integrated software for documentation, approval and tracing saves time and money and enhances safety.

Low energy and water consumption as well as a sophisticated development concept make the Cliniclave 45 one of the most economical, compact and lightest large steam sterilisers.

Cliniclave 45

Single-door version

Chamber:Ø 44 cm x 72 cm deep
Volume:105 litres
Load:35 kg
Dimensions:W 65 x H 160 x D 91 cm

Cliniclave 45 D

Double-door version

Chamber:Ø 44 cm x 74 cm deep
Volume:110 litres
Load:35 kg
Dimensions:W 65 x H 160 x D 101 cm

Cliniclave 45 M

Single-door version

Chamber:Ø 44 cm x 134 cm deep
Volume:200 litres
Load:70 kg
Dimensions:W 65 x H 160 x D 153 cm

Cliniclave 45 MD

Double-door version

Chamber:Ø 44 cm x 136 cm deep
Volume:205 litres
Load:70 kg
Dimensions:W 65 x H 160 x D 163 cm

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