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Melag MELAtherm washer disinfector the perfect workhorse for busy practices

Working in cooperation with practice staff, hygiene experts and instrument manufacturers, MELAG has developed the MELAtherm 10 washer disinfector unit as the perfect workhorse for busy dental practices. The MELAtherm 10 is designed to integrate perfectly into the instrument reprocessing workflow of any-sized practice to increase efficiency through fast, automated cleaning of instruments as a precursor to sterilisation.

Optimised load size

The chamber size of the MELAtherm 10 is optimally designed for the operations of a typical dental practice. Rather than a cavernous chamber and long cycle times, the MELAtherm 10 processes a large volume of instruments fast. The load size of the MELAtherm 10 more closely matches the volume of a typical dental autoclave. Washer disinfectors with larger chambers are often started half-full to avoid long idle times and encrusted contaminations on the instruments and take up to 2 hours to complete.

MELAtherm 10 offers multiple programs including the Quick Program (36 minutes plus drying), Universal-Program (40 minutes plus drying) and an Intensive Program (51 minutes plus drying).

A wide range of baskets have been developed to hold instruments individually or in instrument cassettes.

Complete drying

At the completion of a cycle, the MELAtherm 10 leaves instruments completely dry, ready to be packaged for sterilisation. Very few washer-disinfectors are equipped with active exterior and interior drying for this purpose. In the MELAtherm 10, it is integrated as standard feature and at no extra cost. Active drying protects instruments against re-contamination, corrosion and damage.

Autonomous operation

The MELAtherm 10 uses an enzymatic cleaning agent, a neutralizer and a rinsing aid, which are stored in their containers below the chamber. Intake of the liquids is automatically metered during processing. A range of water demineralisation units are also available to connect to the mains water supply to deliver demineralized water for autonomous operation.

Integrated documentation

Another standard feature, the MELA-therm 10 documents processing cycle data via its integrated compact flash card or the unit can be connected to your computer network via its two integrated Ethernet ports or a PC or printer.

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