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31 Jul 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Myray launches world's smallest wall-mounted panoramic x-ray unit

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Italian radiographic equipment manufacturer, Myray, has launched the Hyperion X5 panoramic x-ray unit. Its innovative wall-mounting system is designed to keep the footprint of the unit to a minimum, making installation possible even in practices where space is at a premium.

The clinical benefits and efficiency of in surgery panoramic (OPG) imaging are widely understood and appreciated by the dental community. However, there are still a vast number of dental practices who have cited a lack of suitable installation areas within their practice and concerns on initial capital cost as the main reasons for not having an OPG in their practice.

The Myray Hyperion X5, released at IDS 2015 in Germany and now available in Australia, addresses these concerns.

The unit is the smallest wall-mounted panoramic imaging system in the world - all you need is a wall! There is zero foot print and it's so light, that installation requirements are equivalent to those of an intraoral X-ray unit.

The Myray Hyperion X5 has been designed to focus specifically on the requirements of the 2D-only digital panoramic user. This has allowed Myray to offer all of the standard 2D panoramic imaging features required by dental practices and a lot more of, but at a price to shake up many dentists' perceptions of the cost of an OPG.

The Hyperion X5 is able to achieve these new benefits whilst surpassing the quality and features expected from a 2D digital panoramic system. Thanks to automatic focusing, with parameters automatically set for the patient, Hyperion X5 avoids under- or over-exposed images, thereby preserving the patient from unnecessary radiation. Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) spares the need to manually set the emission parameters.

Accurate diagnoses for different requirements, from adults to children, are facilitated by 15 diagnostic programs including dentition with improved bitewing orthogonality, temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. Additional features include a low dose QuickPan program, allowing for a reduction in exposure times, thereby safeguarding the patient's health. The MultiPAN Function offers you the possibility of choosing the panoramic imaging best suited to highlight the clinical detail of relevance from a range of different views obtained through a single examination.

The Hyperion X5 shares its own images with all the PC's present in the practice thanks to the image management iRYS software, common to every Myray device. It is also possible to send images with a TWAIN protocol to compatible practice management software.

The Hyperion X5 is also an open system: the virtual console, available both for WINDOWS systems and as an iPad app, enables remote control of the machine and a visualization of the images acquired on the tablet. Managing and archiving the images is practical and quick: because of that, Myray has conceived a powerful platform capable of interfacing with third party systems, thanks to the DICOM protocols and other communication methods.

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