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31 Mar 2016 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New 3M™ Elipar™ DeepCure LED curing lights add confidence to curing

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Dental professionals want predictability and confidence with their products and procedures, but sometimes the curing step can feel like a leap of faith.

In fact, research shows that 69 percent of bulk fill users are not confident of polymerisation deep in the cavity.1 If you can't see under a restoration, how can you be sure it has cured properly and won't break down prematurely? Now, with the new 3M Elipar DeepCure LED curing lights, dental professionals can be more confident they have achieved a uniform and deep cure, even when they can't get the light in a perfect position.

The new DeepCure LED curing lights have optimised optics, so they deliver a beam that is uniform, with rays that stay parallel and spread minimally as they travel away from the source. This creates an even distribution of energy throughout the restoration, resulting in a complete and uniform cure from centre to rim and from top to bottom - at clinically relevant distances. With the high-performing 1,470 mW/cm2 intensity, dental professionals can be sure of their cure.

"The well-balanced, ergonomic shape of the lights are comfortable for the operator, and performance is consistent regardless of the user," said Nikki McKeon, U.S. marketer of direct restoratives for 3M Oral Care. "With improvements to the angle of the light guide, dentists now have easy access to all tooth surfaces, even hard to reach ones, which enhances overall patient comfort."

The new lights are available in two models, both with identical technical performance. The Elipar DeepCure-S LED Curing Light is made with durable stainless steel and has a charging base with built-in light meter indicating the operating status and light intensity. The DeepCure-L LED curing light gives dentists a lighter weight, economic model that is charged with a charging plug.

Both models provide intuitive two-button and single-mode operation and no toggling between settings for optimal performance. The lights provide approximately 120 minutes of consecutive cordless curing time - that's 720 10-second cures with constant light output, regardless of battery charge. The V-shaped handpiece and the 360° rotating light guide provide a comfortable grip and the 10mm light guide provides a complete one-shot cure of MOD fillings.

With these new curing lights, dentists can be sure of their cure whether they use standard or bulk fill composites.

  1. 1. Clinician's Report (CR), October 2014. Volume 7, Issue 10.
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