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30 Sep 2021 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New combination furnace for quick crystallisation, sintering and glazing

For more than 40 years, Ivoclar Vivadent has been presenting continuous innovations in the field of dental furnaces with its Programat® series. Now, the success story continues with the introduction of the all new Programat CS6. The new combination furnace can crystalise, sinter and glaze all-ceramic restorations faster than ever before with unsurpassed aesthetic results.

Ivoclar Vivadent, a leading provider of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications with a comprehensive range of products and systems for dentists, once again demonstrates its innovational leadership with the new addition to the family of Programat furnaces. The all new Programat CS6 combination furnace allows a quicker crystallisation, sintering and glazing process. With the new Programat CS6, IPS e.max® CAD lithium disilicate restorations can now be crystallised in just over eleven minutes.1 Additionally, this open system boasts new proprietary vacuum technology which speeds up the sintering of zirconia restorations, such as IPS e.max ZirCAD.

No longer sacrifice aesthetics for speed

The exciting new technology behind the Programat CS6 furnace enhances both speed and aesthetics. The new opening process supports and accelerates the pre-drying process by strategically controlling the hot air rising from the firing chamber to dry restorations from underneath. Furthermore, the opening lift technology helps to cool restorations faster by removing the restoration from the hot firing chamber. The proprietary vacuum function accelerates the sintering process, while simultaneously improving the aesthetics of your zirconia restorations. High-quality, aesthetic results are achieved case after case despite the short program durations.

Designed for your practice

Following their self-imposed goal of a customer-centric value chain, the teams at Ivoclar Vivadent developed the product with full focus on chairside needs. The status of the restorations within the new Programat CS6 can be easily monitored wherever the user is by looking at the Optical Status Display (OSD) at the base of the furnace. The OSD conveys the operational status through colour representation. Operating the Programat CS6 is simple and fast. Its modern colour touchscreen is easy to use and is highly durable.

Focus on your patients, not your furnace

The new Programat CS6 ensures that each case is quickly and consistently completed, allowing dentists to focus on their patients, not their furnace. Offering the dentist full control over the temperature, the Programat CS6 delivers consistent and reliable results. Furthermore, the temperature calibration can easily be conducted on site at the practice, ensuring that the high-quality results of the restorations won't fade over time. With multiple firing options, it is easy to refine or enhance restorations.

Open System

In addition to pre-installed programs for Ivoclar Vivadent materials, programs for third-party materials can be created independently and with ease. No matter what material you choose, the Programat CS6 speeds up your practice.

  1. Arnold L, IPS e.max CAD crystallization program durations of Programat CS2, CS3 and CS6, Test Report, Ivoclar Vivadent, 2021.
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