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31 May 2020 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New now available for all dental professionals to enjoy! is a brand new website for the dental profession that offers a broad range of video-based content focussed on all aspects of dentistry - from clinical, to technology, to management, marketing and more.

" has been on the drawing board of our software development division for some time now," said Joseph Allbeury, publisher of and also this magazine. "We were looking for a catalyst to kick off development and unfortunately, it took a pandemic to come along to provide both that as well as free up resources from elsewhere to create it.

"Initially, we were being asked to help host and produce webinars and live streaming events during COVID-19 and we did that in earnest, with the most successful of these being SofaCON - which we produced in conjunction with EMS - that attracted 12,000 registrations for the 2-day virtual event.

"So started down that path, but we soon realised that if we were going to have a concert, we needed a concert hall first. Or more appropriately, if we were going to make television, we needed a TV station, hence we created the new website"

Dentevents.TV has been designed with a similar look, feel and functionality to popular streaming websites like Netflix™ and Stan™ but with a decidely dental feel.

"Whilst it may not sound like a lot, we're launching with over 100 videos that can be viewed by the dental profession 24/7," Mr Allbeury said. "The only criteria for the videos at this point is that they must be specific to dentistry. We have the majority of the SofaCON webinar sessions available, for example. There are also many other webinars as well that have been recorded by others who have kindly provided them for us to post on the site.

"Prof. Laurie Walsh has contributed several videos that focus on COVID-19 specifically and also infection control generally, which are compulsary viewing.

"Our dental marketing guru, Angus Pryor, also features heavily on the site as he is a prolific producer of video content. And there are many others who feature that I sincerely thank for supporting the project before it even launched.

"So already we have that much coveted original content on the website and we are looking at how we can produce more."

Mr Allbeury said that the website was also being supported by the dental industry who have provided access to high quality training and educational videos.

"Dental companies have a lot of very high quality video content that they have invested heavily in producing, so we are continuing to negotiate access to that.

"We want to be able to offer the dental profession a single point of access to a large volume of video-based content on a broad range of topics."

Mr Allbeury said that at present, all videos on can be viewed Free of Charge, however, users must sign in to do so.

"Like every streaming service, people need to sign in," Mr Allbeury said. "Some of the content we have is not appropriate for the public, so we need to control who can see it. In addition, watching some content accrues CPD points and signing in makes allocating the CPD seamless.

"The vast majority of the content will always be available to view FREE of charge, however, because some companies and individuals have queried whether they could produce videos on a pay-per-view basis, we will offer that functionality in the future too.

"We want the profession to create videos for and we recognise that there are costs associated with that. If pay-per-view is deemed to be a viable option, then we will support it. Equally, there will be no obligation to view it."

Mr Allbeury said that at present, videos cannot be uploaded by third parties but this function will be available in the future as well through the website.

"I encourage everyone in the dental profession to visit You are free to browse what is available and you only need to sign in if you want to watch something.

"You can sign up by clicking 'sign in' and following the prompts. If you have registered for an event through or you already have a login, then you will automatically be linked to your existing CPD log during the sign up process."

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