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31 Jan 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New Online CPD questionnaires for subscribers

Online Education

Paid subscribers to Australasian Dental Practice magazine can now earn CPD points by reading articles in the magazine and answering a questionnaire online designed to test comprehension of the article's content.

So here's how to earn 2 hours of CPD from this issue of Australasian Dental Practice:

  1. Ensure your PAID subscription to Australasian Dental Practice is up-to-date. A subscription is only $99 per year or $165 for 2 years and includes many benefits like the new CPD feature. Scan the QR code on the right OR visit our shop at: if you need to subscribe or renew.
  2. If you are already a subscriber, call us on (02) 9929-1900 or email and request your Username and Password for the website.
  3. Visit and login.
  4. From the "Welcome" screen, click CPD Questionnaires.
  5. Select the questionnaire called Australasian Dental Practice Jan/Feb 2015.
  6. Read all of the articles on the Reading List for the questionnaire selected. The articles are also all included in full in this edition of Australasian Dental Practice, or they can be read online.
  7. Click START to begin the questionnaire. The questions are multiple choice and are also included in this edition of Australasian Dental Practice (on the next page). You must answer ALL 20 questions in the questionnaire to qualify for 2 hours of CPD. You can stop and return to the questionnaire at any time by following the steps above and you can RESUME where you left off. You can also alter any of the answers.
  8. Once you have completed the 20 questions, you will be shown a summary of all your answers. If you are satisfied with all your answers, click the ASSESS button and your answers will be assessed. NOTE: You can only take the test ONCE. If you fail, you cannot take the questionnaire again.
  9. If you answered 80% or more of the questions correctly, you will PASS. A certificate of completion equivalent to 2 hours of CPD can then be downloaded at any time in PDF format.

New questionnaires will be added regularly as new editions of Australasian Dental Practice are published.

Even if you are not a subscriber, you can still learn and earn CPD through the Dental Community website. Follow the steps above and at Step 5, select the Managing Medical Emergencies questionnaire to complete instead. The articles associated with this questionnaire can potentially save lives so are open to everyone.

For more information, to obtain your Username and Password or to subscribe to Australasian Dental Practice, call (02) 9929-1900.

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