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31 Mar 2014 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New Opalescence Go from Ultradent takes whitening to a whole new level

New Products Whitening Teeth whitening

New Opalescence® Go from Ultradent delivers the ultimate in take home whitening convenience, offering a new UltraFit tray prefilled with Opalescence whitening gel for an even more adaptable and comfortable tooth whitening experience.

Opalescence Go is a brand new evolution of Ultradent's highly successful Trèswhite Supreme pre-filled, on-the-go tooth whitening system.

Next generation UltraFit tray: convenient, comfortable, ready-to-use

Opalescence Go features an improved tray design that covers each arch first molar to first molar completely, both facially and lingually. The tray material is an advanced material that allows the tray to adapt quickly and comfortably to each patients' individual smile, helping to maximize patient results and improve the whitening experience.

Having realised that many dental practices now offer tooth whitening, patients expect to see quick results, with easy applications and minimal "in-the-mouth" wear times.

Practitioners therefore require safe, reliable and consistent products that they can prescribe for take-home use.

Ultradent's Opalescence Go combines everything that is current in whitening. It's convenient, comfortable, ready-to-use, disposable, hygienic, effective and predictable.

The tray's superior adaptation ensures the maximum amount of gel stays in contact with the teeth during whitening and as it warms and adapts to the anatomy, it provides a custom-­like fit for enhanced comfort and an overall improved experience. Opalescence Go safely provides professional results without adding the cost of impressions, models and trays - its sticky, viscous 6% and 15% Hydrogen Peroxide PF gel is delivered by its unique, pre-loaded, disposable, portable delivery system.

True to its name Opalescence Go is perfect for travel, top-ups and quick starts. It is an ideal treatment option to complement other tooth whitening and stain removing procedures offered in the practice and therefore a great practice builder.

Not only have advancements in the tray design and material been made, but the new, sleek, attractive packaging appeals to dental consumers more as a cosmetic product.

Ultradent has been at the forefront of product development for over 20 years and the company pioneered the introduction of safe and controlled tooth whitening products primarily through its Opalescence brand name. This name is now instantly recognised throughout the world as a trademark of quality and reliability.

Proven whitening technology

As part of the Opalescence tooth whitening family, Opalescence Go offers the same consistent, sticky viscous gel that its customers have come to love and trust. Opalescence Go has the same hydrogen peroxide gel as Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme.

Like all of its tooth whitening products, Ultradent recommends that Opalescence Go be refrigerated to ensure maximum stability, shelf life, and freshness.

10 Reasons to get GO-ing with Opalescence Go

  1. The new unique tray material offers an extremely comfortable fit and easily forms to any patient's individual smile with its unique heat-activated moulding.
  2. Molar-to-molar coverage ensures the gel comes in contact with more posterior teeth and conforms to the occlusal surface.
  3. The UltraFit tray's superior adaptation ensures the maximum amount of gel stays in contact with the teeth during whitening.
  4. Available in 6% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 60-90 minutes) and 15% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 15-20 minutes).
  5. Opalescence whitening gel includes PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.1-5
  6. Delicious Mint flavour.
  7. Convenient prefilled trays can be worn right out of the package for immediate use.
  8. Optimal gel quantity allows easy cleanup after whitening.
  9. Sleek packaging provides superior stability, shelf life, and branding.
  10. To help dentists with marketing to patients, a wide range of patient literature, posters, whitening menus and images for your websites and PR features are all available.


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