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31 Jan 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New Sirona INTEGO Treatment Center now available in Australia and NZ

New Products

Sirona Dental Systems has unveiled the new INTEGO, the latest addition to its award winning range of treatment centres ahead of the world's largest dental show, IDS 2015, in Cologne, Germany in March. In the style of its flagship, state-of-the art TENEO and popular SINIUS Treatment Centres, INTEGO is positioned to offer practitioners ergonomic design and high quality at a more affordable price.

"The new INTEGO Treatment Centre features an outstanding price/performance ratio for a unique ergonomic design and the reliability of a product made in Germany," said Marcella Bernzott, Product Manager - Treatment Centres at Sirona Dental Systems Australia and New Zealand. "INTEGO is part of Sirona's new generation of innovative Treatment Centers that began a few years ago with the introduction of the top-of-the-range TENEO. The SINIUS was next and has proven very popular. Now, elements of these units together with Sirona's long history in treatment centre manufacture has resulted in the addition of another tier to our range that is already generating tremendous interest."

Sirona's treatment centre range, for decades, was immediately recognizable due to the unique collapsing "bellows" that covered the chair base. Whilst this feature is still incorporated in several models of the company's product range, TENEO, SINIUS and INTEGO are designed to appeal to a different segment of the market.

New generation Treatment Centres

The introduction of the TENEO, first shown at IDS 2009, heralded a complete industrial design revamp for the Sirona Treatment Centre range on the outside and a technical revolution on the inside. TENEO incorporated comfort with optimum workflow support with various innovative features such as the ability to integrate implantology and endodontic functions. Customers of the mid-range SINIUS, first shown at IDS 2011, have benefited from efficient and intuitive chair operation. The chair is very compact with Sirona's popular sliding track delivery and impresses with its hi-tech features like remote accessibility and integrated apex locator.

Now, the new INTEGO Treatment Center incorporates components already used in SINIUS and TENEO to deliver optimal value. INTEGO can be used with or without a range of high-tech features based on practitioner and budget. INTEGO was designed to create a solution combining high quality at an affordable price.

As with all Sirona's advanced digital technologies, INTEGO helps dentists improve the standard of care in dentistry. The new generation of well-trained dentists strives for high-quality dental equipment to be able to offer the best possible treatment to their patients. Dentists are becoming more and more interested in digital technology and enjoy the easy, intuitive operation of innovative systems. The reliability and intelligent technology of German products is popular in Australia and New Zealand. INTEGO has all of this and is offering many innovative functions and top quality at a good price.

The heart of the practice

The treatment centre is at the heart of the dental practice - both in terms of surgery design and workflow. INTEGO, like all other Sirona Treatment Centers, is designed to give the practitioner optimum access to the patient and allow smooth treatment workflows while also being comfortable for the patient. INTEGO combines all aspects of ergonomics ‒ the optimized distances to the dentist and nurse's console and the very thin backrest of the Center allow an intuitive sitting position so the dentist can remain in an upright position with plenty of legroom.

The flexible height adjustment, the comfortable upholstery and the gentle chair lift drive of the Treatment Center help the dentist position the patient comfortably. The LED operating light, the flexible headrests and intraoral camera in combination with the high-resolution 22" monitor on the chair allow for optimum visibility. The intuitive user interface and the modern equipment for patient communication allow for an integrated workflow. The practitioner can thus achieve perfect results even at the end of a long working day.

INTEGO's water unit can be equipped with an integrated hygiene concept. It is designed to comply with all hygiene standards and regulations. It is very easy to use, with features like its practical suction hose cleaning. Hygiene is paramount in dentistry and is part of the daily practice routine. It is not only relevant to the practice team, but also gives patients a reassuring feeling of safety.

Sirona intends to fulfill the different demands of dentists with INTEGO. Working positions and styles vary across Australia and New Zealand. Therefore Sirona offers INTEGO in two models: "TS" with hanging hoses and "CS" with whip arms/continental style. To make sure that each version is still flexible enough for different requirements, equipment can be configured to meet individual needs.

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