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New Tokuyama Estelite Bulk Fill Flow now available from Dentavision

Deep dish pizza, Apple's iPhone, Estelite. There are just some things that are already so good that you never thought they could be made any better. However, the gourmands in pizza-land pulled it off and came up with stuffed crust pizza with your choice of gourmet toppings and the wizards at Apple have given us the 7th generation of their ubiquitous ear candy. Tokuyama and their wildly popular Estelite range have already taken out a swag of industry awards including a Reality 4 Star Award and a "Dental Advisor Top Composite - Universal" award two years in a row. As hard as it is to believe, Tokuyama have managed to improve upon their much lauded Estelite range.

Tokuyama has taken Estelite Sigma, which already had a cult following and responding to the voice of dentists around the world, crafted a new flowable composite resin formulation which retains all of the benefits of the original Estelite and adds innovative new features and benefits. Enter Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, the latest addition to the Estelite range, is a flowable composite resin that fulfills the dentist's wish list of features in a flowable composite resin.

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow has addressed all of the main concerns raised by dentists about the bulk fill composite resins. High on the wish list of features was that dentists desired a sculptable product. Estelite Bulk Fill Flow incorporates the advanced chemistry of Tokoyama's patented radical amplified photopolymerization (RAP) technology, giving you longer working times and faster curing times. Tokoyama's product offers one of the longest working times of comparable flowable composite resins giving you plenty of time (over a minute) to sculpt and work the material under ambient light conditions. All of these features come together to give you a flowable composite resin that is perfect for quickly and easily sculpting restorations. This means less contouring and trimming, giving you precious time back in your busy day.

Speaking of high aesthetic demand cases, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow has got you covered there too. The shades offered by Estelite Bulk Fill Flow allow you to predictably match almost any tooth shade with confidence making it ideal for even the most discriminating dentist and patient. By offering an outstanding chameleon effect, this can be achieved with a limited number of shades, keeping down costs and saving you time by simplifying your ordering and inventory.

The awesome aesthetics and ease of handling offered by Estelite Bulk Fill Flow has not come at the expense of reliability, with Tokuyama maintaining the Estelite range's legendary pedigree of long term durability and low replacement rates. Offering comparable compressive strength and wear resistance to conventional composite resins, combined with extremely low polymerisation shrinkage and class leading polish retention, Tokuyama has hit the sweet-spot with the advanced chemistry of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, giving you fast, predictable aesthetic restorations that last - saving you the time, money and the headaches of redoing restorations due to premature material failure.

With Estelite Bulk Flow, has not only Tokuyama crafted a next generation flowable composite resin that takes the hassle out of producing beautiful direct resin restorations with an easy to handle consistency and robust chameleon effect. Rather, they have created a restorative material that saves you time with the advanced chemistry of Tokoyama's RAP technology and saves you money with Estelite's legendary pedigree of durability and flexible clinical applications. And staying true to Tokoyama's values of excellence, quality and superior customer satisfaction, they have managed to offer all of these benefits at a fraction of the cost of comparable flowable composite resins.

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