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01 May 2005 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New Zealander takes the prize in 2005 ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Program

Dental student Hadleigh Clark from Otago University in New Zealand has won a trip to the American Dental Association's 146th Annual Session in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in October for his 2005 ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Program presentation.

This international program, which commenced over 40 years ago, gives the opportunity for accredited dental schools to select an outstanding undergraduate student to represent them by presenting their research to established guidelines and regulations.

The 2005 ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Dinner hosted by Dentsply Australia to announce the winner was held during the recent Adelaide Dental Congress on 4 March 2005 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The dinner was attended by members of the Australian Dental Association and the participating undergraduate students together with Dr Karin Alexander, Chairperson 31st Australian Dental Congress; Dr William O'Reilly, Federal President ADA; Dr John Matthews, Federal Vice President ADA; Dr Stephen Simmons, Student Clinician Program judge and President NZDA; Professor Mark Bartold, Director Colgate Research Centre University of Adelaide and Student Clinician Program judge; Dr David Thompson, Student Clinician Program Judge and Past President of the ADA (2000-2002); as well as the Deans and department heads of the majority of the participating dental schools.

Also present was George Rhodes, Vice President Professional Relations and Corportate Communications, Dentsply International; Dennis O'Keeffe, Vice President and General Manager, Dentsply Australia; Olivier Collet, International Sales Director, Dentsply Maillefer; Greg Fox, Marketing Director, Dentsply Australia; and Dr Gavan O'Connell, Business Development Manager Endodontics, Dentsply Australia.

Back in 1959 the Student Clinician Program was conceived by Dr Harold Hillenbrand, the then Executive Director of the American Dental Association (AmDA) and the Chairman of the Board for Dentsply International, Mr Henry Thornton. The program objectives were to stimulate student membership of the AmDA, introduce students to dental society activities, encourage original clinical work at the undergraduate level and to recognize future leaders in dentistry.

Today, while there have been some changes in the recognition of the participation of dental schools, the basic structure of the program has not changed significantly. There are now 16 student clinician programs worldwide involving Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States. Every year there is an Annual Session that brings the respective winners from their country to the USA. The judging is within two specific categories: "Clinical Application and Techniques" or "Basic Science and Research".

Sincere congratulations go to all six entrants from their respective universities for their outstanding contribution. First Prize was presented to Mr Clark for his presentation on "Immunohistochemical detection of myofibroblasts in oral connective tissue tumours" and he will have the opportunity to present his table clinic as part of his trip along with the US and other international winners. The Second Prize Winner was Ms Kuan Boey from University of Adelaide who presented "Inhibition of enamel demineralisation by Er:YAG laser-topical fluoride".

Many thanks also must go to the organisers of the Student Clinician Program within the ADA and Dentsply. This event provides a contribution to the leading undergraduates from all over the world in relation to their current and future clinical endeavours.

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