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NewTom Giano a beautiful 3D imaging solution for Bella Dental Care

By Joseph Allbeury

Radiography Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone beam 3D imaging systems are now becoming commonplace in both general and specialist dental practices. Bella Dental Care, a busy 13-chair practice in Baulkham Hills in Sydney's north west, installed a NewTom Giano imaging system 18 months ago, supplied by Inline Medical and Dental, and has never looked back.

"We use the NewTom Giano for diagnosing and planning implant cases, wisdom teeth extractions, orthodontics and endodontics," said practice principal, Dr Peter Mansour. "It's fast becoming the new standard of care in several areas of dentistry and once you have one in your own practice, it quickly becomes an indispensible tool.

"It's ideal for treatment planning dental implants for example. With extractions, you get a complete picture of all the pathology and the nerve position and for endo, you never miss a canal. In those rare cases where a patient is in great pain and you struggle to find the cause, taking a cone beam image and working through the slices will also generally reveal the real problem."

Dr Mansour said they looked at a number of brands and models of 3D imaging systems from several suppliers before purchasing the NewTom Giano.

"We'd been researching cone beam imaging systems for a while before we purchased and it's now definitely become appropriate technology for general practices," he said. "The systems are now smaller, the image quality is better, the radiation dose is lower and the price is more affordable.

"The NewTom Giano ticks all those boxes and more. It has a large field of view and also takes an excellent 3D OPG. Plus, we can opt to add the Ceph arm at any time in the future.

"We also have a long history with Inline Medical and Dental, so the choice in the end was simple. We had an IMAX OPG supplied by Inline and the level of service and support they provide is second to none.

"Cone beam imaging systems are complex, high tech products and we know that Inline support the products they supply. It's not just a matter of installing the system, it has to integrate with our PracticeWorks practice management software and a lot of companies stop short of ensuring it is a seamless connection."

The team at Bella Dental Care includes 8 dentists, a dental prosthetist, two dental hygienists and a dental therapist, plus a large clinical and administrative staff.

"Inline Medical and Dental provided us with all the training that we needed," Dr Mansour said. "And all of our team can use the system for OPGs or 3D images.

"The system is straightforward to use and takes under 20 seconds to capture the large 11x8cm field of view 3D image. We can also dial down to a 5x5 cm volume to image single teeth if indicated."

The NewTom Giano is supplied with NNT imaging software that can both manage image capture, storage and viewing and also includes tools to aid in treatment planning, including virtual implant placement.

"The NewTom imaging software connects well with PracticeWorks," Dr Mansour said. "If a patient has a 2D or 3D x-ray, a button will appear in their patient record in PracticeWorks that will show all their x-rays with a single click. It's a seamless connection and allows us to easily manage all patient information from one platform."

Having the NewTom in the practice has also streamlined diagnosis and treatment planning, as patients can be scanned and the results viewed immediately as part of the consult. Providing this service for patients is also more convenient and projects a high tech image for the practice.

"The NewTom Giano is all about peace of mind in any situation you are unsure of," Dr Mansour said. "The 3D images it captures provide an unprecedented level of detail so you are never left guessing and the overall result of that is a far better outcome for our patients."

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