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31 Mar 2008 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Next generation iBOND all-in-one adhesive

New Products

The new all-in-one adhesive system iBOND® Self Etch from Heraeus Kulzer is a further development of iBOND self-etching adhesive, which was launched in 2003. It etches, primes, bonds and desensitizes in just one step with the application of one single layer. According to the company, 93% of 350 dentists who tested the new adhesive in over 5,500 placed restorations were impressed because of the ease of use and the saved time.

iBOND Self Etch is used to provide durable, strong adhesion of composites to the tooth structure as well as retention of indirect restorations in conjunction with light-curing luting cements. It can also be used to treat hypersensitive cervical areas. Only a single layer of the new adhesive is required. The shiny surface - an indication of the successful cross-linking of adhesive and tooth surface - is attained simply by air drying. The homogeneous adhesive film formed on the dentin and enamel is important in ensuring reliable, stable and durable restorations.

One-bottle systems gain ground

There has been a significant increase in the market for self-etching adhesives in recent years. In Germany, these products already have a market share of over 48%. With a global market share of 37%, one-bottle systems are also gradually replacing totaletch techniques, which are still considered the gold standard.

Heraeus Kulzer was the first supplier of an all-in-one system and now has more than four years market experience. During this period, the company analysed the weak points of the products on the market and gradually eliminated them. The bond strength to the enamel and dentin as well as the marginal integrity have been continuously optimised. The new iBOND Self Etch shows these and other features like increased user robustness, reduced postoperative hypersensitivity and a very simple application. Due to its improved stability, it does not have to be stored in the refrigerator after the first use.

iBOND Self Etch i

impressed the majority of testers In microtensile tests carried out by Professor Roland Frankenberger of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen, Germany, a high bond strength of over 45 MPa, comparable to that of conventional adhesives, was recorded for this all-in-one adhesive.

The product was also highly rated by more than 15 international universities and 350 testers - dentists from many different countries. 93% of the testers commented that the product was easy to use and saved a lot of time due to the reduction in application steps. The majority of testers were impressed with the new adhesive and would use it in their own practice. 95% would recommend it to their colleagues. High bond strength, improved marginal sealing and reliable, simple application - with iBOND Self Etch, Heraeus has produced an adhesive that bonds with confidence.

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