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15 Mar 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Nobel Biocare Scientific Symposium

By Joseph Allbeury


Nobel Biocare is again presenting its biennial Scientific Symposium in Sydney from May 13-14, 2011 at the Westin Hotel. The event will bring together a veritable who's who of the implant and digital dentistry world from both the Australian, New Zealand and international dental communities to participate in the intensive and highly interactive program.

"It was again a pleasure to work with Nobel Biocare to craft a very unique educational experience," said Dr Patrick Henry, Chairman of the Scientific Committee. "My fellow committee members and I were essentially given the opportunity to look at the current state of implant dentistry in Australia, New Zealand and the world and then develop a program that gives the entire dental team practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to achieve better and more predictable patient outcomes.

"The lecturers we have invited will discuss aspects and issues in implant and restorative dentistry today. However, the Nobel Biocare Scientific Symposium goes well beyond just sitting and listening to a highly regarded clinician or technician present. We have attempted to introduce a level of intimacy and interactivity at all levels that will enhance the learning experience through vehicles such as panel discussions, hands-on workshops and master classes.

"We are also offering multiple streams so that participants can select events based on their areas of interest or relevancy to their segment of the dental profession."

Dr Henry's colleagues on the Scientific Committee include Prof. Iven Klineberg, Prof. Mark Bartold, Dr Glen Liddlelow, Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer, Dr Lydia Lim and Mr Robert Hill.

"The Nobel Biocare Scientific Symposium is an event tailored to the specific needs of our customers," said Mike Covey, Nobel Biocare Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand. "The program has been carefully structured to appeal to all members of the dental rehabilitation team from surgeons and restorative dentists to technicians, auxiliaries and support staff.

"As an example, for the first time this year, we are running master classes for oral and maxillofacial surgeons. We are also running a program on integrating endodontics and orthodontics in cases requiring advanced treatment planning. We have sessions for clinicians on all aspects of implant and restorative dentistry including how to achieve optimal outcomes surgically and aesthetically and what to do if problems occur at any stage of treatment.

"We have a comprehensive program for dental technicians including master classes on using the popular E.max CAD material, veneering workshops, using NobelProcera and more, plus a dental laboratory forum. We also have a specific program focused on the importance of implant hygiene and maintenance.

"From Nobel Biocare's perspective, the Symposium has something to offer every dental professional at every level of experience and expertise. It is particularly designed to give precise, succinct and comprehensive information to those involved in implant and restorative dentistry every day and are looking to take their education to another level. "In addition, the symposium provides us a showcase opportunity to launch an array of new products and developments including NobelClinician, the latest version of NobelGuide."

Nobel Biocare Scientific Symposium
International Speakers
Dr Edmond BedrossianOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, USA
Dr James ChowOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Hong Kong
Dr Christian CoachmanGeneral Dentist and Dental Technician, Brazil
Dr Bertil FribergOral Surgeon, Sweden
Dr Stefan HolstProsthodontist, Germany
Dr Joseph KanProsthodontist, USA
Mr Vanik Kaufmann-JinoianMaster Dental Technician, Switzerland
Dr Pascal KunzGeneral Dentist, Switzerland
Mr Rob LynockDental Technician, UK
Dr Peter SchüepbachScientist, Switzerland
Dr Eric Van DoorenPeriodontist and Prosthodontist, Belgium
Australian and New Zealand Speakers
Dr Brent AllanOral Maxillofacial Surgeon, Australia
Dr Ian BillsRestricted Dental Practice, Australia
Dr Anders BlombergProsthodontist, Australia
Dr Andrew CautleyProsthodontist, New Zealand
Dr Michael Danesh-MeyerPeriodontist, New Zealand
Dr David DunnRestricted Dental Practice, Australia
Dr Wendy GillPeriodontist, Australia
Dr Glen LiddelowProsthodontist, Australia
Dr Steve ManningEndodontist, New Zealand
Mr Stan NagyDental Technician, Australia
Dr Steven SingerOrthodontist, Australia
Dr Nitish SurathuPeriodontist, New Zealand
Dr Andre ViljoenGeneral Dentist, Australia
Mr Russell YoungDental Technician, Australia
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