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31 Jul 2013 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Number of digital impression-ready dental laboratories continues to grow

Dental practices and laboratories are rapidly adopting digital technology. Digital dentistry and CAD/CAM technology have come of age and many examples of functioning production solutions exist today across Australia and New Zealand.

"There are now an array of solutions for digital dentistry on offer," said Ashlea Williamson, Senior Clinical Trainer at Core3dcentres, "however, through the Core3dcentres open architecture approach, we believe practices and laboratories will find the most complete offering, which is why our group boasts the fastest growing digital network of clinicians and technicians globally.

"Partnership with Core3dcentres means that clinicians and technicians can continue to collaborate as they progress through the various stages of digitisation. Our open architecture model has the flexibility to allow digital surgeries to work with traditional labs and vice versa. This means that existing working relationships are not altered by one party digitising their business."

Ms Williamson said that the Core3dcentres approach to digital dentistry allows the clinician to digitise all types of impressions from simple crown and bridgework, including full arch impressions to complex implant cases, as well as Invisalign using a multitude of technologies.

"Digital impressions are now incredibly accurate and allow for corrections to be made in seconds, meaning taking a second impression is a thing of the past. Furthermore, ordering, stocking, mixing, pouring impression material, holding impression trays in place, removing fixed trays, pouring stone, cleaning the surgery and prep room, etc, are no longer an issue - all of this is replaced with a disposable scanner tip and a milled or printed model depending on case type."

Digital impressions taken with one of core3dcentres open scanners can be translated into almost any restoration, prosthesis or appliance required. Core3dcentres' network of channel partner laboratories are a rapidly expanding group of the most advanced dental laboratories that have have invested time and effort to digitise their operations. This investment allows channel partners to offer the broadest range of the most advanced solutions, along with all of the traditional restorations, prostheses and appliances you would expect your lab to provide.

"Our open system approach allows the technician to focus on their valuable skills which lie in designing and finishing restorations. A digital lab leverages this skill set but automates the laborious tasks that do not add value and can be more efficiently achieved by machine than by hand.

"In addition, core3dcentres as well as being a vendor, installer, trainer and support provider of and for digital dental equipment, are also an advanced industrial dental production centre. This means we leverage the most appropriate industrial manufacturing technology for each specific restoration, prosthesis or appliance.

"Core3dcentres are the partner for digitising your practice for accuracy, efficiency and access to the broadest range of the latest digital dental solutions. The option is there to work with your existing laboratory or choose to connect with over 40 laboratories in Australia and New Zealand that have invested in digitising their laboratories and learning the latest skills to be able to provide your surgery with the most advanced digital dental solutions from Invisalign, implant level impressions, restorations, prostheses and appliances."

For more info, call Core3dcentres on 1300-551-831 or in NZ 0508-267-333 or see for a list of channel partner laboratories.

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