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31 Aug 2010 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Patient finance is now even easier

Mediplan's range of flexible payment plans can help fast-track a dental procedure and provide convenient repayment options for your patient

For many people, the decision to undergo a major dental procedure is relatively straightforward, but the financing can sometimes be more difficult. Flexible payment plans offered by finance companies such as Mediplan can help cross this hurdle.

The flexible finance plans offered by Mediplan can take the stress out of financing a dental procedure, making the treatments more accessible and allowing people to go ahead with their surgery sooner.

In addition to financing procedures such as cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, dentistry and orthodontics, Mediplan can also fund other expenses - from general hospital and medical fees to in vitro fertilisation programs, obstetrics and gastric banding so provides an ongoing solution to your patients for their other healthcare needs.

According to Mediplan's Chief Executive Officer Jodie Laing, Mediplan takes the pain out of paying for procedures, "Mediplan takes care of all of the payments required on behalf of the patient by paying all of the fees in advance of the procedure and at no extra charge will split costs across the surgeon, hospital, anaesthetist, as well as other suppliers if necessary - it is extremely simple".

Approved patients can have a procedure performed immediately, regardless of insurance. All applications are responded to within 24 hours and on approval and paperwork being finalized, Mediplan can pay for the procedure within a few days.

Approved patients can adjust their repayment cycles and amounts to suit their personal circumstances.

For patients with private health insurance, Mediplan can help pay for the gap and co-payments. It can also pay for procedures that are not covered by private health insurance.

Mediplan offers flexibility when it comes to repayment and approved patients can even adjust their repayment cycles and amounts as required suiting their personal or financial circumstances.

Repayments can be made fortnightly, weekly or monthly by direct debit from a patient's nominated bank account. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance of a patient's account at the variable interest rate. There is no penalty for patients who decide to make lump-sum repayments at any time and minimum monthly repayments are structured at only 2.75 percent of the credit limit.

The flexible payment plans offered by Mediplan can help patients by enabling them to have their desired procedure sooner rather than later and without the stresses of financial constraints.

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