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31 Jul 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Perth dentist snaps up new software for case presentations

Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Software

Perth dentist Jonathan Resnick has been using the latest SNAP Instant Cosmetic Dental Imaging Software since June 2010 to complement his treatment presentations and loves it!

"Snap is a very good communication medium for our patients," Dr Resnick said. "It allows them to get a very good idea of what they will look like if they proceed with proposed treatment and it also helps them to 'own' their problems.

"Snap is essentially a very dramatic way of presenting to the patient that allows them to immediately visualise the treatment outcome we are proposing. It works really well and is the only thing that convinces patients what they would look like with veneers or crowns; showing them before and after pictures of others cases just doesn't work - it has to be them. When they can see how they will look, they immediately become far more engaged."

Dr Resnick takes a facial image of the patient smiling, then his dental assistant loads this into the computer and creates the mock-up while he continues with the consult. After making any necessary adjustments, he presents it to the patient, both on screen and as a print-out. The whole process only takes 4 minutes.

"The advantage of Snap is that it's fast. When we run a promotion for bleaching, we often see a lot of people who are unsuitable candidates. Because Snap is so fast, we can show them how appropriate treatment alternatives such as crowns or veneers would look. It's very effective."

Dr Resnick stressed that Snap doesn't change your abilities as a dentist and it is important not to over-promise.

"We're careful with what we propose and we're careful to tell patients that whatever we do propose is an approximation and that we cannot give a 100% guarantee."

SNAP will simulate veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, whitening, perio, fillings and much more. A comprehensive library is included that contains an array of smiles with teeth of different shapes and sizes.

"Snap is the tool I've always wanted but had never been able to find... until now."

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