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01 May 2006 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Protec achieves 50th VersaWave laser sale

Protec Dental Technologies has installed it's 50th next generation VersaWave Erbium:YAG hard and soft tissue laser in the Australian market according to director Saul Freedman.

"Lasers in dentistry are growing by leaps and bounds and this modality is now firmly established and continuing to enjoy remarkable growth," Mr Freedman said. "No longer just for the innovators, they are now rapidly being taken up by the early adopters.

"We have now installed over 50 of the Hoya ConBio VersaWave™ systems here and our growing user base are very satisfied in the increased treatment options and versatility offered by these units. Since the new VersaWave was first introduced in the USA in March last year, the monthly sales have risen to share top spot with its biggest rival and this is echoed by the success we have achieved here.

"There is still however quite a bit of marketing hype that tends to attach itself to new modalities such as this and some of the claims still being made by some others are outdated, may reflect older models and other time periods and could lure the uninitiated. So for this reason, we encourage dentists to do their due diligence before making a buying decision and to thoroughly consider which laser is best for them."

Protec offers the all tissue Hoya ConBio VersaWave laser and the DioDent II soft tissue diode laser. They also distribute Seiler operating microscopes, Ozicure ozone treatment systems, Ozident water ozonators, Beyond whitening lamps and Dexis digital x-ray systems. The company has also recently commenced distribution in Singapore.

"Erbium YAG is still the wavelength of choice with its maximum absorption by the water content of tissue and the effectiveness of this wavelength is supported by all published scientific research. This wavelength is the one used not only by our laser but by almost all other manufacturers, but the differences in laser effectiveness lie in the delivery systems the pulse sequences and the power settings," he said.

"When you look at a laser, you must also consider not only the appeal of the product, but also the reputation for reliability, on going maintenance costs after warranty, costs of consumables and most of all, the company behind the laser being sold and the training they provide."

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