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31 May 2020 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Smartest CBCT system just got smarter with enhanced features and ceph module

The industry's most intelligent CBCT system, the Carestream Dental CS 9600, is now smarter and better than ever with the introduction of its Scan Ceph module. Not only does this new module complete the 5-in-1 system—combining 2D panoramic imaging, CBCT imaging, 3D object/impression scanning, face scanning and now scanning cephalometric imaging—it also includes new intelligent features that reinforce the system's design principle: Intelligence drives procession.

New cephalometric imaging

With its multiple FOVs and advanced features, the CS 9600 has been the ideal unit for specialists and multispecialty practices since its launch in 2018, but with the addition of the Scan Ceph module, the system truly becomes all-in-one. From cranial options to its low-dose format, the Scan Ceph module is an ideal choice for all orthodontic and maxillofacial needs. More than just the addition of a cephalometric imaging arm, it's the software that truly powers this update. Once a cephalometric image is captured, Carestream Dental's industry-leading auto-tracing feature can save doctors valuable time by automatically recognising anatomical structures and tracing them in as little as 10 seconds—as opposed to the five to 10 minutes other orthodontic software takes. Ultimately, doctors gain back time that could be used for more in-depth diagnosis or personalised patient interaction.

The CS 9600 with Scan Ceph module features the same speed that Carestream Dental's cephalometric units have come to be known for: As low as 3 seconds. These short scan times reduce patient dose and the risk of motion blur for safer and sharper exams.

Data drives further innovation

Carestream Dental's strength has always been its ability to take data and put it to work for clinicians. Software algorithms, smart technology and artificial intelligence (AI) combine in this latest update to further enhance the CS 9600's user-friendly features. For example, patient positioning powered by AI automatically detects and traces the Frankfort plane to achieve the proper positioning effortlessly and to reduce one of the most common positioning mistakes. When combined with video camera assistance and face-to-face positioning, this unique technology dramatically facilitates patient alignment, increases exam precision and reduces risk of retakes.

To capture sharper images in a reproducible way, advanced algorithms and image processing software deliver ultra-sharp images. When acquiring a panoramic image, Tomosharp technology recognises the area where the anatomy is the sharpest and reconstructs the best possible panoramic image automatically. These sharper and well positioned images enable better diagnostics and reduces risk of retakes.

Additionally, Advanced Noise Reduction reduces image noise on CBCT images while preserving the details—like cortical bone edge, ligament space and soft tissues—of scans with the highest resolution. Image noise could otherwise interfere with these small, but important, anatomical features.

Smart features make the CS 9600 a star

The CS 9600 with Scan Ceph module features all the same smart technology that garnered it awards throughout 2019. Video cameras aid in patient positioning leading to first-time-right imaging, while the CS MAR makes those images easier to interpret by reducing metal artifacts and starburst effects. Stellar technology combining a 120kV X-ray tube with intelligent filtration reduces artifacts and improve contrasts delivering outstanding image quality without increasing dose.

The system is the recipient of the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award, the Krakdent Medal of the Highest Quality and a 2019 Edison Award in the Medical/Dental Diagnostics category.

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