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30 Nov 2020 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New Videos Online Learning is a brand new website for the dental profession that offers a broad range of video-based content focussed on all aspects of dentistry - from clinical, to technology, to management, marketing and more. Sign in for FREE and watch hundreds of on-demand videos, with more being added every day. Some videos even offer CPD! A selection of videos that will interest dentists and specialists appear below - or browse the website for many many more.

DenTechKnow - Digital Dentures

Presented by Terence Whitty

Duration: 0:17:41 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

In this episode of DenTechKnow, Terry Whitty explores the state-of-the-art of digital dentures. This hot topic has been the focus of digital dentistry for the past few years with hardware, software and materials companies collaborating to try and provide a fully digital solution. Terry investigates what is possible at this point in time when it comes to producing dentures using the various solutions on offer and what we can expect in the future.

Natural Selection of restorative materials for Crown, Bridge and Implant Cases

Presented by Matt Race

Duration: 0:33:39 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 0.5 Hours

Infection Control Boot Camp 2020 - Q&A Webinar + November Update

Presented by Prof. Laurence Walsh

Duration: 1:08:14 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 0.1 Hour

As part of the Infection Control Boot Camp 2020 Online Learning Program, this Webinar was staged to present an update in relation to COVID-19 and other changes and to answer delegate questions.

Biological treatment of teeth

Presented by Dr Michat Ganowicz

Duration: 1:08:15 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 1.0 Hours

During the preparation of the cavity, do you wonder how deeply you can remove unhealthy dentin? Are you afraid of carious exposure of the pulp in deep cavities? After the pulp exposure, do you always start root canal treatment?

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