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Strength meets aesthetics in multilayered zirconia from NobelProcera

Full-contour zirconia restorations are growing in popularity.1 Long-associated with high strength, advances in zirconia materials have led to substantial improvements in aesthetics and efficiency. A perfect example is the high-translucency, multilayered full-contour zirconia from the expanding NobelProcera portfolio.

Achieve aesthetic results in less time

The high-translucency, multilayered full-contour zirconia crown, bridge and implant bridge consider efficiency at every step. At the start of the process, powerful CAD tools in the DTX Studio design software make it straightforward to design an aesthetic restoration. At the production stage, the restorations are created with the consistent quality and precision that NobelProcera CAD/CAM production is renowned for.

With no need for sintering or veneering, less labor is needed to finalize the restoration. Excellent occlusal details and surface finish mean the technician need only apply subtle staining before polishing and glazing.

In cases where the technician feels traditional ceramic layering is required to achieve the desired aesthetic result, a partial cutback of the material is easy to design. The ceramic can then be layered on top to create an optimized blend of high-end aesthetics and high-strength monolithic zirconia. The multilayered nature of the zirconia helps save time. By mirroring the natural color variations between the cervical margin of a tooth, the dentin and the enamel, the technician has less work to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

Taking aesthetics from strength to strength

There are aesthetic advantages for the clinician when it comes to placement of the restoration, too. As a multilayered material, the color changes in gradual, natural-looking layers that pass through the material, and any final adjustments won't cause color variations or white spots on the restoration. 88

Being full contour means that restorations come in their final shape, with great occlusal detail. What's more, with full-contour zirconia, clinicians don't have to worry about chipping as no veneering is needed.

The high translucency also enhances aesthetics by allowing the material to blend in naturally with neighboring teeth, making NobelProcera multilayered zirconia restorations suitable even for anterior cases.

Predictable quality and fast results

Restorative innovation has taken a significant step forward with NobelProcera precision-milled implant bridges in high-translucency multilayered zirconia. With the angulated screw channel (ASC) innovation and completely cement-free adapters, this new NobelProcera option offers a fast, predictable and cost-efficient solution for both dental laboratory and clinic.

The ASC option, combined with the pick-up functionality of the unique Omnigrip tooling, revolutionizes screw-retained restorations. It makes it possible to reposition the screw access hole in cases where it would otherwise be on the facial or incisal edge, or when occlusal space is limited, while also improving retrievability and reducing the risk of residual cement.

The progress of NobelProcera does not stop there, with precision-milled bridges in the same high-translucency multilayered full-contour zirconia. Following the introduction of the NobelProcera Crown in the same material, this development harmonizes NobelProcera's offering and efficiently combines high-strength with aesthetics and a time-saving workflow.

Given the benefits of strength, aesthetics and ease of use, NobelProcera full-contour zirconia restorations are set to be a popular choice for clinicians and dental technicians alike.


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