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01 Mar 2010 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Survey shows dentists are educating patients on prevention breakthroughs

It used to be that dentists informed patients about what they could do for them. Now, with major breakthroughs in anti-tooth decay research, more and more dentists are educating patients on what they can do for themselves, according to a survey of dentists commissioned by 3M ESPE.

The survey, aimed at determining current patterns in dentist recommendation of take-home anti-tooth decay products, reveals that 98% of dentists and hygienists are initiating discussions about antitooth- decay and remineralisation products with patients who are at medium to high risk of decay, or who have sensitive teeth.

Although the outcomes confirm existing knowledge of dentist behaviours towards antitooth decay products, qualitative results from the survey suggest new science is spurring on this nationwide in-the-chair education campaign. And the revolutionary anti-tooth decay technology of Clinpro Tooth Crème by 3M ESPE is giving dentists a lot to talk about.

Accoriding to 3M ESPE, this professionally- dispensed tooth crème breaks new ground with a unique, patented formula that contains 950 ppm fluoride along with a functionalized tri-calcium phosphate (fTCP) ingredient. The real innovation is in the way tri-calcium phosphate and fluoride work together to maximize performance. Until the unique Clinpro preparation process, calcium and fluoride could easily be rendered inactive when placed in a single formula. But with this pioneering process, they work in tandem to effectively help build mineral in demineralised enamel and prevent tooth decay.

"Clinpro Tooth Crème gently cleans extrinsic stains without unnecessary abrasion, which is important for patients with delicate and exposed root surfaces," says Aaron Pfarrer, business manager with 3M ESPE Preventive Care.

As the formula provides this cleaning benefit, patients can use Clinpro Tooth Crème in place of their conventional toothpaste. And it only has to be used once or twice daily.

With 73% of survey respondents noting that they are concerned with their patient's level of compliance, dentists say they see real value in a method that doesn't ask patients to do more than they are used to doing at home already.

According to the survey, 69% of those purchasing professionally dispensed tooth strengthening products are adults who need it for their own use. Best intentions aside, if the method isn't a snap to use, busy adults are likely to drop it. That's why a one-step process is critical and so is the flavour. Clinpro Tooth Crème has a popular vanilla mint flavour.

For patients, all indicators suggest that visits to the dentist may mean less talk about restorative care and more talk about preventive care.

"There is a growing recognition of the link between oral health and whole-body health, resulting in the important need for preventive oral health care," said Mr. Pfarrer. "With professional breakthrough products like Clinpro Tooth Crème now available for home use, even patients at high risk of tooth decay can take back their enamel."

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