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31 Mar 2013 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Take implant level digital impressions now

New Products

Core3dcentres have launched the next generation iTero digital impression taking system in Australia. The new iTero has been engineered with advanced optics and enhanced algorithms that substantially increase the speed of capture to reduce the overall scanning time. Additionally, the new scanning wand and fiber-optic cord are lighter and ergonomically designed to improve the user and patient experience.

Building upon iTero's proven digital scanning capabilities, the newly redesigned iTero scanner maintains its innovative powderless technology and features a modern design with enhanced wand optics for a smaller, more ergonomic fit, easy-to-use keyboard design and a larger working surface. Additionally, full colour model rendering is available that enables clinicians to show patients a life-like final model of their scanned dentition. The new iTero delivers substantially reduced capture time through improved optics and enhanced algorithms while maintaining a high standard of digital imaging accuracy, the efficiency of open source imaging and streamlined workflow. iTero's digitized workflow affords customers complete flexibility. Whether it's a crown or bridge restoration, full or partial orthodontics (including Invisalign), an inlay/onlay, veneers or an implant solution, dentists can select the option that best fits the needs of each individual case.

This announcement affects existing owners of the original unit interested in backwards compatibility and clinicians considering moving away from messy and invasive traditional impressions. Reassuringly, the underlying hardware remains very similar, giving existing owners' confidence in what they have bought. Importantly, Core3dcentres will continue to support all existing iTero units.

Additionally the iTero is now capable of digital implant level impressions, bringing an end to the messy, invasive and often convoluted traditional implant level impression process. Both the new and existing iTero are capable of this new process since the update relates to software. Importantly, implant level models can now be precision milled by Core3dcentres making the whole process considerably more accurate and efficient.

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