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31 Jul 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Thermal disinfector features all the smarts

New Products

Thermal washer disinfectors are becoming commonplace in dental practices, recognized as a safer, more efficient and effective solution to cleaning dental instruments prior to sterilization than hand washing or ultrasonic baths alone.

IC Medical's HD 450 thermal washer-disinfectors, distributed in Australia and New Zealand by ICONA, are the latest option for the safety conscious practice to consider. The German manufactured units feature intelligent sensors that ensure optimum operation, performance and the highest level of hygiene for your instruments. Every time.

The HD450 both cleans and disinfects your instruments using ThermoTab technology. Just one ThermoTab is required for each cleaning and disinfection cycle. No further cleaning solutions need to be added. This saves you space and money, because it makes a dosing system for liquid cleaning solutions redundant and there is no cost to validate the dosing system. Bacteria and fungi are destroyed; viruses - including hepatitis B - are deactivated. Peace of mind for you; peace of mind for your patients.

Easy-to-use operation

While the technology and manufacture of the HD 450 is leading edge, the units are designed for ease of use:

  • The touch screen display allows you to easily set the parameters of a cycle, start the cycle and view its progress;
  • Audible and visual signals will keep you informed of progress through key stages of the cleaning cycles;
  • A servo motor automatically locks the door, while an emergency door release allows you access in the event of power failure or malfunction; and
  • Every user has an individual code to operate the unit, with the facility to accommodate up to 32 users.

Sensor-monitored functions

The HD450 features intelligent monitoring of a number of key functions that effectively allow for set-and-forget cleaning. Monitored functions include:

  • Washing arm speed - the rotation speed of the arm is monitored to guard against stoppages due to obstructions from instruments in the wash chamber;
  • Water filtering - an alert will trigger if insufficient water is circulating through the HD450 Injector filter;
  • Chemical levels - cleaning agent levels in the water are constantly analysed; and
  • Conductivity - a warning message will trigger if the conductivity level tests too high during the final rinse. The wash will be recorded as "incomplete".

It's all on record

The HD450 provides electronic documentation as proof of all process parameters. Program type, batch and process parameters of logged cleaning and disinfection cycles are stored in the internal log memory.

To download the unit's cycle data, you can network the HD 450 with your practice computers or you can transfer the data using a USB stick. Thanks to the 4000-cycle memory capacity, you can transfer data after each run, or at the end of each day or longer - whatever suits your practice.

But wait, there's more...

Even without its smarts, the HD 450 is a stand-out unit. Manufactured and certified to strict standards (DIN EN ISO 15883-1/2 and EN 13485), the unit satisfies the highest quality expectations at a reasonable price.

The washer-disinfector is suitable for instruments that are heat-resistant up to a temperature of 95°C. The HD450 Injector model features a handpiece adaptor that ensures gentle but thorough cleaning of handpieces. The compact, space-saving design of the models means they can be easily integrated as an under bench or bench top units and expanded to incorporate up to 4 washers with a central control panel for large practices and facilities.

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