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31 Oct 2012 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Ultradent expands distribution and increases commitment to A/NZ

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US dental materials manufacturer, Ultradent, has increased its commitment to the Australian and New Zealand markets with the appointment of a dedicated country manager and expanded distribution.

Based in Melbourne, Mr Peter Mackley, who is well-known in the dental industry, has been appointed Pacific, Sub-Sahara Country Manager for Ultradent and brings a wealth of industry and business |experience to the role.

"As Ultradent's new Country Manager, I'm excited to be representing such a leading brand and through my role, hope to encourage more and more dentists to take advantage of the many innovative solutions we offer," Mr Mackley said.

"In line with my appointment, we are also announcing new distribution arrangements for Ultradent products in Australia and New Zealand. Ultradent products will now be jointly distributed by Gunz Dental and Henry Schein Halas in Australia; and Gunz Dental and Henry Schein Shalfoon in New Zealand. The new distribution arrangements are consistent with Ultradent's global strategic plan."

Mr Mackley also acknowledged the long exclusive association which Ultradent has had and continues to have with Gunz Dental.

The new joint distribution arrangement will see Ultradent taking on a greater local presence within the region. Ultradent's core value, improving oral health globally, will be further underpinned by the joint distribution resources of Gunz Dental and Henry Schein.

"In addition, Ultradent has a number of new products which we intend to introduce to the region," Mr Mackley said. "We are also very committed to maintaining an active continuing education program."

Ultradent, based in Jordan, Utah, manufactures leading products in the restorative, endodontic and whitening categories. Their best known brand in Australia, Opalesence, offers a complete suite of whitening products from chairside to take home to the innovative Trés White all-in-one tray and gel concept.

Founded by Utah dentist, Dr Dan Fischer, over 30 years ago, the company has succeeded on its ability to create and innovate, producing products that fill the needs of dental professionals everywhere.

"Our vision at Ultradent is that we are passionately driven to improve oral health globally," Dr Fischer said. "First and foremost is consideration for the patient, but another component involves our humanitarian efforts. We are driven to find cures for caries and gum disease. While a lofty goal, its attainability will always require special attention from dental professionals since our patients are living longer lives and keeping their teeth longer."

Dr Fischer graduated from California's Loma Linda University in 1974 and taught in it's Restorative Department before establishing a private practice in his home state of Utah.

As a young dentist, he realized that rapid, profound haemostasis was imperative for quality operative dentistry. Because there were no products on the market that predictably controlled bleeding and sulcular fluid, he developed one. In 1979, Astringedent became his first patent and later, Viscostat resulted from Dr Fischer's insight, determination, and willingness to work after hours - using his own blood to test his efforts - to produce exactly what he felt the market needed.

Ultradent thus began humbly in Dr Fischer's basement with his children as its first employees. Today, the company occupies a 20,000 square metre facility in South Jordan, Utah, manufactures and packages more than 500 materials, devices and instruments and employs over 900 people in the US and its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Japan. Ultradent products are available through distributors in more than 80 countries.

"Ultradent's drive is to bring quality, affordable dentistry to patients. We do this by offering reputable materials and products, and providing in-depth education to dentists. As a result, these dentists can then provide quality, affordable, non-laboratory dentistry to their patients."

Driven by a strong moral code, Dr Fischer lives his life according to the same values that guide Ultradent: integrity, quality, hard work, innovation and care.

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