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Up to 30-year warranty for all Zirkonzahn implant abutments!

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of implant prostethic components, Zirkonzahn uses high-quality medical titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V ELI according to ASTM F136 and DIN EN ISO 5832-3) to meet the strictest quality criteria (ISO 13485 MDSAP; Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC; EU Regulation 2017/745 on medical devices). All components are conceived and manufactured at its production sites in South Tyrol, Italy. Zirkonzahn believes in what we do and we assume the responsibility for our products granting voluntarily - in addition to the legally prescribed warranty obligation - up to 30 years warranty on all Zirkonzahn implant abutments used (titanium bases, Multi Unit Abutments, Multi Unit Abutments Angled, Raw-Abutments® as well as the corresponding screws). Within the current Zirkonzahn warranty regulation, we explicitly include also implants from other manufacturers used with Zirkonzahn implant abutments. Have a look at our renewed range of components at and check if they are compatible with your implant system!

Zirkonzahn implant prosthetic components

For more than 140 implant systems and produced entirely in South Tyrol (Italy), Zirkonzahn Portfolio consists of a great range of products: regular titanium bases, Scanmarkers, White Scanmarkers, ScanAnalogs (our laboratory analogues used as scanmarkers), impression copings, laboratory analogues, Multi Unit Abutments, Raw-Abutments®, healing caps. The product line has been recently expanded with innovations, such as all new titanium bases with adaptable length or with an angled screw channel, White Metal Scanmarkers, Zirkonzahn Titanium Posts and LOC-Connectors. Zirkonzahn implant prosthetics components are 100% integrated into the workflow via corresponding libraries. exocad® and 3Shape users may also download and implement Zirkonzahn components for free in their design software through a dedicated portal (Zirkonzahn Library Download Center).

Multi Unit Abutment (MUA) 17°

Multi Unit Abutments (MUA) exist in different heights and are especially suited for multi-unit restorations. The connections to the secondary structure are unified so that the latter can be screwed directly – or with additional titanium bases – on different implants. Thanks to the standardised connection, also other components such as titanium bases, Scanmarkers, etc., are reduced to one connection to compensate for divergences. Multi Unit Abutments exist in two different versions: straight and angled.

  • Straight MUAs are characterised by a non-hex connection without anti-rotation feature to simplify multi-unit restorations. Their application is extremely easy, because all types of implants have been adapted on a standard platform. Available in five gingival heights for flexible treatment options, Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments are used in combination with conical cemented titanium bases.
  • The new Multi Unit Abutments Angled are currently available with a 17° angle and two differently angled hex implant connections to compensate for implant inclination. Indicated for single and multi- unit restorations, a sterilisable screw-in aid (PEEK) is included for proper positioning. The abutments are screwed onto the implant with a specific Ratched Wrench and MUA Screwdriver. Special MUA screws are available for this purpose.

MUAs are incorporated to correct the insertion direction of structures retained by divergent implants. A variety of platforms is offered: (hexagonal, square, triangular and octagonal): each geometry is available in two different typologies (1 and 2), effectively doubling the connection possibilities.

Titanium bases K85 and K80 Angled Screw Channel (ASC)

As with all Zirkonzahn implant prosthetic components, our titanium bases are manufactured with high-quality medical titanium alloy. Our portfolio of titanium bases recently expanded with the addition of new innovations for flexible and patient-specific restorative design:

  • Titanium Bases K85 can be individually shortened for optimal adaptation to the respective tooth length. Available in conical or parallel shafts, the Titanium Bases K85 can be integrated with or without an anti- rotation device according to the restorative indication.
  • Titanium Bases K80 Angled Screw Channel (ASC) combine the advantages of adjustable abutment height with adjustable screw channel angulation. Angled screw channels compensate for sub-optimal implant positioning by tilting the access hole between 0°-30°. Available in conical or parallel shafts, the Titanium Bases K80 Angled Screw Channel (ASC) can be integrated with or without an anti-rotation device according to the restorative indication. A Ball Head screwdriver, special torque wrench (Ratched Wrench) and adapter are required for insertion.

Originally published in Labline Magazine.

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