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31 Jul 2018 | Australasian Dental Practice

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W&H Australasia distributes Miele in ANZ

W&H Australasia Pty Limited has taken over the exclusive distribution of the Miele range of thermal washer-disinfectors, effective immediately.

The result of a worldwide collaboration between W&H and Miele, the arrangement encompasses the highly regarded Miele model PG 8581 and PG 8591 - as well as accessories and supporting ECOLAB chemistry.

"W&H is very pleased to have partnered with Miele Professional," said W&H Area Manager, Martin Rolfe. "The two brands emphasise quality, with a strong focus on providing a best practice approach to instrument reprocessing and infection control. Dentists will soon benefit from this union throughout the region."

In support of the Miele Professional range, W&H has recruited a new, experienced Applications Manager, appointed a dedicated distribution network for sales, service and support nationally consisting of six dealers in Australia and New Zealand, as well, as Dental Concepts in South Australia managing logistics nationally.

"We've carefully selected dealers in each state and New Zealand based on their proven track record of supporting the dental profession," Mr Rolfe said. "Apart from sales and installation of new Miele thermal washer disinfectors, this dealer network will also provide service and support to all dental practices that have already purchased a Miele unit."

"The overarching aim of this partnership is to provide Miele dental clients an even broader and more sophisticated range of dental hygiene products," said Nadine Wermers, Head of Miele Professional Australia. "This systematic approach includes all aspects of modern instrument reprocessing: instrument thermal washer-disinfectors, process documentation as well as the best possible before and after sales service. Miele clients now have access to the years of experience and expertise in their own market found within W&H as our Dental Partner."

Global success with dental technology made in Austria

Renowned for its quality, reliability and excellent service, W&H is one of the top brands in the field of dental equipment and technology. The Austrian company has been setting trends in the international dental industry for more than 125 years with high-tech, tailored customer solutions. Owing to the strong focus on research and development as well as the unique culture of ideas and innovation, a whole range of pioneering inventions are now synonymous with W&H.

W&H has 19 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, North America and also Australia, 16 regional managers and a vast number of partners allowing it to export their products to over 110 countries. Worldwide, more than 1,100 employees work for the family business, which runs three production sites in Austria and Italy.

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