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01 Jul 2006 | Australasian Dental Practice

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W&H Lisa 500 a hit at ADX

The new W&H Lisa 500 Sterilizer was launched at ADX in Melbourne and according to local agent A-dec Australia's General Manager, Craig Young, it was a major draw card and generated considerable interest.

"With the existing Lisa MB series of sterilizers being a leader in sterilization within Australia and New Zealand, W&H demonstrated it's commitment to our market by sending their CEO from Austria, Dr Bernd Rippel and Lisa co-designer, Mr Christian Stempf to describe in detail the outstanding features and technology encapsulated in the W&H Product range including Lisa 500.

"The Lisa has already set a benchmark with the highest available standards of bench-top sterilization, and the new model further builds on that position with quicker cycle times plus advanced features such as pre-programmed automatic daily tests and even greater ease of use thanks to the new touch screen."

The new Lisa sterilizers contain many innovative features providing increased safety and even greater ease of use.

According to the company, the Patented Eco B Function guarantees the fastest genuine "Class B" cycle currently available on the market. For small loads, the Eco B setting provides a complete sterilization cycle including drying within 20 minutes - even for packaged instruments.

The exclusive Air Detection System is also new. As a supplement to chemical indicators (e.g. Helix test), it ensures that even hollow instruments can be provided with sufficient saturated steam for sterilization. This means a weekly (not daily) air vacuum leak test, as stated in AS/NZS 4815:2006.

Comprehensive documentation for up to 12,000 sterilization cycles is built into the LisaLog data logger. The process-relevant sterilization parameters are automatically transmitted to a memory card. This non-volatile electronic record can be used as a permanent record instead of archiving print-outs (as per AS/NZS 4815:2006).

The new generation of Lisa sterilizers also allow a delayed cycle start time enabling the daily testing cycles to be run early in the morning before surgery starts. Lisa will also keep processed loads dry and sterile following a cycle - so it is not essential to empty the machine immediately after the cycle ends.

With the addition of the LisaDem 32 connected to the mains water tap, Lisa 500 sterilizers can be filled with high-quality demineralized water and emptied automatically. The LisaOsmo is another option that produces a large quantity of demineralized water in a cost-effective way so that several Lisa sterilizers can be connected at the same time.

In addition to all the expanded features, the new Lisa sterilizers have retained all of the characteristics unique to their predecessors. These include a comprehensive safety system exclusively provided by type B cycles for ensuring the safe sterilization of all loads, and features such as automatic door locking, simple operation by means of the interactive touch-screen, a long working life and the use of top-quality materials, which dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

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