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31 Jan 2013 | Australasian Dental Practice

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When imitation is less than flattering

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It happens to Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and every other major designer label in the world and now it's happening to Nobel Biocare. The company is concerned with the increasing number of "non-genuine" restorative components it is seeing in use, generally right after these are removed from patients due to fractures and ill-fitting connections.

"These parts look genuine; however, on closer inspection, it is clear that they lack the quality and fit of a genuine Nobel Biocare implant restoration," said Nobel Biocare Australia and New Zealand Regional Director, Henrik Nedoh. "Our precise engineering and milling ensures that abutments are delivered to fit within small tolerances. In addition, our materials are tested for consistency, strength and durability.

"When clinicians place our implants in combination with our prosthetic solutions, they are making decisions reliant on a significant evidence base demonstrating that the solution they choose will be appropriate. However, if inferior componentry is introduced, then it essentially invalidates the evidence. What we are seeing is that a solution chosen because the evidence demonstrates that it should offer the strength and ability to withstand significant occlusal force in a particular indication, is in fact failing because points of weakness have been introduced.

"If this occurs, any perceived saving that is made using a cheap imitation component will be lost a hundred times over in clinical and laboratory time as well as in materials, not to mention damage to the clinician's reputation and the reputation of implant dentistry as a treatment modality."

Mr Nedoh said that Nobel Biocare is proud to lead the industry with a lifetime warranty policy on its implants, however, it is important to understand that the implant warranty policy is ONLY valid when used in conjunction with genuine Nobel Biocare restorative components.

"To avoid invalidating the implant warranty and additional cost, it is essential to request authentic Nobel Biocare restorative components for your patients' implants," Mr Nedoh said. "This is your guarantee of a secure, precise-fitting abutment manufactured of the most homogenous materials available.

"By working with a Nobel Biocare partner laboratory, you can be certain of receiving only genuine Nobel Biocare components including TorqTite™ screws and negate the risk of receiving inferior products. We have an extensive partnership network in Australia and New Zealand.

For further information, contact your local Nobel Biocare Territory Manager.

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