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Why Expasyl remains the #1 choice for dentists


Expasyl, from the Pierre Rolland Acteon range, is the original non-invasive way to achieve both tissue retraction and haemostasis using a single paste. Its unique chemo-mechanical properties make it the number one choice for respectful management of gingival tissue.

Injected with a specially designed applicator, Expasyl exerts the minimal amount of pressure required to retract the sulcus - enough to take a detailed impression while preserving epithelial attachment. Successful prosthetic placing and restorations can be achieved the first time they are done. Permanent recession of the gingival tissue that can occur from the use of packing cord is avoided with Expasyl. It also contains Aluminium Chloride, a well-tolerated astringent and the paste's viscosity allows it to adhere to the mucosa, mechanically enhancing haemostasis.

Dr Fadi Yassmin (pictured), from Broadway Dental in Ultimo, Sydney, believes the main clinical benefit of using Expasyl in his practice is the "higher standard of care and comfort to the patient" it offers. "Patients have told me that they remember the discomfort of packing retraction cord and that Expasyl is much nicer!," he says.

"The value of Expasyl is in patient management and comfort. It is easy to use and reliable. Expasyl has taken the stressful component out of dentistry. Every dentist should have it in their surgery as a standard of care."

Dr Yassmin uses Expasyl for many different applications including single and multiple crown preparations, working with sub-gingival cavities, around implant fixtures and when removing temporary crowns.

"I find in almost every case when I remove a temporary crown for final cementation, there is no need to anaesthetise the patient. Expasyl gives me confidence that I have an open sulcus and a dry field to work with... ensuring a good marginal fit."

According to Dr Yassmin, the success of using Expasyl is in the "finesse of rinsing" and the tip for removing Expasyl with ease is "to create a high pressured, fine mist with your triplex, just enough air and water to ensure complete removal".

With many years of experience in aesthetic dentistry, Dr Yassmin can confidently recommend Expasyl as a necessary tool for any dental practice. "Without a doubt it's improved my impression taking technique," he said. "Every dentist I've recommended it to has loved it!"

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