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31 May 2016 | Australasian Dental Practice

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World first powder-free, tear resistant dental dams now available latex-free

New Products

The Sanctuary Dental Dam is the world’s first powder-free dental dam and offers maximum comfort, making it a better alternative compared to ordinary dams. It is available in natural rubber latex and now polyisoprene-based latex free.

The Sanctuary Dental Dam guarantees a minimum expansion size of 10 times from any hole punched without tearing; significant tensile strength above 20MPa; and a low modulus level, which are crucial and necessary for the practical and efficient application of the dam.

Sanctuary Dams are developed for ease of use and optimal patient comfort, are powder-free, mint-scented and available in a 152x152mm sheet size. The latex version is available in medium or heavy.

Cutting-edge advantage

Sanctuary Dental Dams are specially designed to be resilient, with a high tear tolerance to allow for the easy fixing of clamps.

It is the world’s first latex dental dam which is powder free and low protein, making it the excellent choice for professional use.

The significance of being powder-free and low protein

Plant proteins present in natural rubber are a source of irritation and allergy to some people, causing negative and adverse reactions. These reactions and allergies are significantly and drastically reduced by reducing the protein levels and eliminating powder residues of natural rubber products during production, thus making such products safer and more accessible.

Sanctuary non-latex dam

Sanctuary’s powder-free non-latex dental dam is made from polyisoprene, a material which very closely resembles rubber. It has a similar polymer structure and physical properties as natural rubber, minus the potential allergen of the latex protein.

Designed and developed as a superior product, the Sanctuary Non-Latex Dental Dam offers a high tear tolerance (a minimum expansion of 10 times from the original punch hole), great tensile strength (above 20MPa) and a good modulus level (1.0MPa), all of which are crucial in the practical and efficient application of the dental dam.


A new introduction into the market, Sanctuary Dental Dam Accessories offer innovative characteristics and further facilitates the use of Sanctuary Dental Dams. Sanctuary Dental Dam Clamps are engineered “flexible but strong” using a double vacuum-melted and martensitic age-hardenable alloy - Stainless Steel Grade 465 - which has achieved tensile strength above 2000 MPa. This assures the clamps allow good retention of their original shape through repeated usage.

The Sanctuary Dental Dam Punch is engineered to withstand the repetitive stress of application during every punch; developed for durability in obtaining a perfect punch hole on a dental dam every time.

Sanctuary Dental Dam Forceps are light weight with an easy grip handle, designed to allow for easy placement of any clamp size with infinite precision.

Sanctuary Dental Dam Frames are made from high grade stainless steel and come 105mm and 129mm sizes.

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