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15 Mar 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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World's most spectacular laser conference

By Dr David Cox


The World's most spectacular laser dentistry conference may appear to be a bold statement but given the amazing scenery that the 2011 Discus Dental Australian Association for Laser Dentistry (AALD) Conference will cover, the description seems entirely appropriate.

For the 2011 conference, the AALD have chosen a unique venue like no other - the Ghan Railway from Adelaide to Darwin and Ayers Rock (Uluru) in the 'Red Centre' of Australia. The aim was to achieve a dental conference that is truly different to all others and gives delegates a balance of intensive interaction and a spectacular once in a lifetime event.

President of the AALD, Dr David Cox, said that the conference was built around a desire to showcase the laser dentistry community that is growing in Australia and give dentists the chance to interact with experts in laser dentistry from Australasia and around the world.

"The conference will be a forum for laser users to meet and discuss laser use and tap into the wealth of knowledge our members have already at their disposal," Dr Cox said. "The AALD welcomes all dentists in Australia, whether they currently use lasers or if they are simply considering adding lasers to their practice in the future."

The conference has been boosted by the attendance of Prof. Andreas Moritz, the president of the International Society of Oral Laser Dentistry (SOLA). Professor Moritz is a highly published author in the use of lasers in conservative dentistry and periodontology. His scientific activities include filling therapy, conventional endodontics (preparation and filling techniques) and cariology.

Dr Cox said that the attendance of such high-profile laser users at such a unique conference is going to give both existing laser users and those considering lasers for their practice the opportunity to have personal interaction with some of the world leaders in laser dentistry research.

"The level of interaction that is possible in this conference is something that you just won't get in a traditional lecture-based conference program. As a dentist you will be able to discuss laser therapies with internationally recognised experts such as Prof. Moritz and our own Professor Laurence Walsh."

Dr Cox said that the support of Discus Dental signing on as the major sponsor for the event has been vital for helping this unique event get off the ground. "Taking on the ambitious task of creating a unique dental conference brings significant costs and without the support of partners like Discus Dental, dentists in Australia would never get such an opportunity. Discus Dental have been enthusiastic supporters of the event from the first time we raised the idea with them and we thank for helping us make this event a reality." The clinical information presented at the conference will include the latest developments in laser dentistry research and clinical techniques. This will include laser endodontic detection and debridement; laser conditioning of tooth surfaces; periodontal debridement using lasers and enhanced methods of periodontal surgery; and new methods for laser treatment of both common and severe forms of tooth discolouration.

For those entering the field of laser clinical practice, there will be a painless introduction to laser science and optics and explanations that unpack the mysteries of what happens when laser energy interacts with tissues in the mouth.

The conference will be conducted on board the Ghan railway from Adelaide to the top end of Australia. Conference events will also be held at stops on the journey such as Ayers Rock (Uluru) with a spectacular conference dinner under the stars. Other highlights include a trip down the Katherine Gorge.

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