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30 Jun 2010 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Worst oral habits revealed in new survey

In the lead up to National Smile Day held on April 1, Oral-B commissioned Pure Profile to conduct an independent national survey of 1003 adults regarding their oral health habits.

The results of the Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health survey were "interesting" to say the least!

For instance, 48% of Australians admitted they regularly forgot to brush their teeth each night, with 35% saying they felt "unhygienic" the morning after. 27% confessed to not brushing for three days and a further 10% had gone an entire week without brushing their teeth at all.

When caught without a brush, 60% of people admitted cleaning their teeth with their finger and 50% admitted chewing gum. 70% of people resorted to using their fingernail to scrape plaque off their teeth and a further 20% admitted to using a pin. Other strange tools included scissors, earrings and a stanley knife!

The most troubling fear Australians have about getting old is losing their teeth, with half the population saying loss of teeth and wearing dentures is more worrisome than getting wrinkles or grey hair.

When asked about their biggest turnoffs in a partner, almost 70% of Australians said bad breath is worse than body odour and an unkempt appearance.

76% admitted to actually going out of their way to avoid someone because of their bad breath. 87% of respondents said discoloured teeth impact ones' overall appearance with 62% admitting it is a future worry. Nearly a quarter of the population say they would never even consider dating someone with discoloured teeth and another 30% would make their partner whiten their teeth.

Over 60% of Aussies are self-conscious about their teeth with 10% saying they always make sure they close their mouth in photos.

Fortunately for all Australians, the Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health 7 Benefits Toothbrush can help eliminate the need for extreme methods of oral care like using fingernails or pins, removing up to 99% of plaque from hard to reach areas (Based on a single use brushing study).

Developed with outstanding oral hygiene in mind, it boasts seven oral care benefits in one brush for a clean, healthy mouth. The CrissCross Bristles get into difficult-to-reach areas including the back of your mouth and around the gum lines to not only help in removing plaque, but also help to gently polish away surface stains. There is even Soft Gum Massagers to provide a comfortable massaging sensation while you brush, and a Textured Tongue Cleaner to remove odour causing bacteria.

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