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30 Sep 2010 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Zfx milling centre opens in Sydney

In the midst of a fresh wave of new dental CAD/CAM technologies being introduced onto the market by several well-established implant manufacturers and others, Australian entrepreneur Gary Yeung believes there is room for at least one more player.

Mr Yeung sees a big future in dental CAD/CAM and is investing heavily to set-up a new milling centre in Lane Cove, Sydney for German system Zfx.

"The worldwide trend in CAD/CAM is towards more ‘open' systems that offer greater flexibility and more options," Mr Yeung said. "Most CAD/CAM systems in Australia and New Zealand to date are proprietary, closed systems that restrict the choices available to technicians and dentists. By bringing Zfx to Australia, we are offering access to a full range of high quality, cost-e­ffective CAD/CAM options."

Mr Yeung said that Zfx is the fastest growing CAD/CAM system in Europe and is the result of a decade of research and development experience. Seven milling centers are already operational throughout Germany, Italy, France, Poland and Spain.

"The launch of Zfx in Australia and New Zealand introduces a range of pioneering innovations to the local dental CAD/CAM industry. First and foremost, we are an open system that can design and mill all materials for all indications, from simple copings and inlays to full anatomic crowns/veneers all the way to complex full arch Toronto (straight to fixture) implant bridge frameworks. In addition, we have over 60 different implant interfaces in our implant library covering 11 different implant systems, in all materials, either direct to fixture or fitted to a titanium insert.

"Zfx is also the first open system that has been designed as an integrated system from the ground up. The research and development team at Zfx have ensured that our milling capabilities fully support the design capabilities of our Zfx Designer CAD software, guaranteeing that everything you design can be accurately milled."

The Zfx Scan III package being offered in Australia and New Zealand comprises a high end white light scanner that is accurate to within 5µm, specifically designed to produce highly accurate digitized dental models, and the Zfx Designer CAD software, one of the most powerful and versatile CAD software systems on the market that works in the standard open STL file format.

"Zfx sets a new benchmark for dental prosthetics with simultaneous 5-axis milling which produces an unparalleled degree of smoothness in the finished product that requires no further manual polishing. The industrial strength milling unit and raw materials of the highest quality we have imported from Germany have all attained the European CE mark and are listed on the Australian TGA's ARTG."

The new Zfx milling center is conveniently located at Suite 203, 27 Mars Road, Lane Cove in the heart of Sydney, with good access to transport infrastructure for fast turnaround of products for anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. The milling centre is also 100% Australian owned and managed.

"The intuitive and powerful Zfx Designer CAD software is quick to learn and easy to use, making it an ideal platform for beginners and experienced users alike," Mr Yeung said.

"Supported by a fully integrated milling system, Zfx offers a unique and complete solution to all your CAD/CAM needs."

For more information, contact Mr Gary Yeung at Zfx Australia on (02) 8061-6639 or

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