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Zirkonzahn implant prosthetics: Software and implant prosthetics components for more than 140 implant systems from a single source

CAD/CAM Implant Prosthetics Software

Zirkonzahn has acquired a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of zirconia, materials and CAD/CAM solutions. However, it is less known that the South Tyrolean firm has become one of the largest suppliers of implant prosthetics components, which are available for more than 140 implant systems.

From the software for planning the implant positions, to analogues for capturing already placed implants, titanium bases, multi-unit abutments and precast abutment blanks with industrially pre-milled implant connections, Zirkonzahn produces everything in its homeland in the Italian Alps, according to the high standards applied to the whole production process: intelligent solutions, precision and quality. Most Zirkonzahn implant prosthetic components are manufactured with high-quality grade 5 titanium. With quality as the highest priority, the company assumes responsibility to ensure that implant products can be used with precision and guarantee: Zirkonzahn implant abutments are warrantied up to 30 years, including the implants from other manufacturers used with Zirkonzahn implant abutments. Zirkonzahn implant prosthetics components are 100% integrated into the workflow and software developed by the firm via corresponding libraries. Exocad and 3Shape users may also download and implement Zirkonzahn components for free in their design software through a dedicated portal (Zirkonzahn Library Download Center).

With Zirkonzahn.Implant-Planner software, technicians can provide their dentists with all components required for an implant case simultaneously (surgical guides, immediate load restorations, custom impression trays and/or milled models with laboratory analogues). The design of the prosthetic restoration can be considered during the implant planning phase, allowing the dentist to determine the optimal implant position. The software is available in two versions: one for the lab and one for the practice.

Zirkonzahn implant prosthetic components line has recently been expanded with new products. Check if the wide range of components is compatible with your implant system and get to know more about the company’s digital workflow!

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