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Zirkonzahn Sintermetall: The 100% dimensionally stable material milled in your own lab

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With the sinter metal blanks developed by Zirkonzahn, you can easily manufacture non-precious restorations (single crowns, bridges of 2 or more units, large-span bridges, metal frameworks, telescopes, bars, dowels, attachments) in your own lab. By milling in-house, you can increase the profitability of your laboratory.

The major economical advantage of Zirkonzahn Sintermetall is that no additional sintering furnace is needed to sinter the material and no shielding gas has to be used.

The high-quality cobalt-chromium alloy can be sintered under high vacuum without shielding gas by using the sintering adapter for the Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum sintering furnace. This sintering process leads to a firm material bond and smooth surfaces, which guarantees very high fracture strength.

Sintermetall is produced with the use of a special manufacturing technology that prevents poisonous residual oxidations from escaping during the sintering and ensures an excellent material processing quality without smearing using Zirkonzahn's CAD/CAM systems.

Depending on the milling unit, an individual crown can be milled out of Sintermetall blanks, which are available in 7 different heights, in just 15 minutes. After the sintering process, an electroplating technique can be used to gold plate the sinter metal structure, which avoids any grey shining through under the transparent secondary structure.

Properties at a glance

  • High performance cobalt-chromium alloy;
  • 100% dimensionally stable - no distortions or stresses in the metal structure;
  • No cavitations and impurities in the metal structure;
  • High flexural strength through seamless material bond and smooth surfaces (final density > 98 %);
  • High edge stability;
  • No smearing whilst processing;
  • Higher value to your lab thanks to the possibility of manufacturing non-precious restorations with Zirkonzahn's CAD/CAM systems in your own lab;
  • Your CAD/CAM system does not have to be upgraded;
  • Sintering in the Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum sintering furnace with high vacuum and special sintering adapter (no additional furnace is required);
  • Sintering without shielding gas;
  • Due to perfect temperature distribution in the furnace, manufacturing up to 14-unit restorations is possible;
  • Milling time depending on milling unit circa 15 minutes;
  • Electroplating to reduce the grey value of zirconia secondary structures;
  • Veneering with ceramics (consider CTE value) is possible; and
  • Faster than the casting technique.
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