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Zolid zirconia - as successful as ever

Amann Girrbach, one of the leading manufacturers in the field of zirconia, is celebrating two important anniversaries this year: 15 years ago, the company produced zirconia blocks for the fabrication of dentures for the first time and exactly ten years ago, the globally successful Zolid brand was launched. Customers will therefore receive a ten-year warranty on all Zolid materials as of now. At the same time, Amann Girrbach will be hosting various webinars on zirconia throughout the year under the hashtag #nosurprisezirconia.

Amann Girrbach was one of the first companies to start manufacturing zirconia for dentures 15 years ago. Due to the rising demand for increasingly aesthetic zirconias and the desire for more cost-effectiveness and process reliability, Amann Girrbach introduced the Zolid brand five years later. With Zolid, CAD/CAM blanks that achieved high aesthetics without requiring complex veneering processes were available to users for the first time.

Since then, the company has been continuously developing the corresponding materials and processing methods: meanwhile, blanks such as the Zolid Gen-X allow for lifelike restorations with integrated colour gradients in 16 Vita shades. In addition to the excellent aesthetic properties and outstanding mechanical values, they prove convincing due to their diversity of indications and their clinical long-term success. In the context of quality assurance, only the best raw materials are processed here using the strictest test methods and certified processes. To give an example, Amann Girrbach is one of the first dental companies to be certified in accordance with the new Medical Device Regulation, thus supporting users in complying with MDR obligations.

"This year we are celebrating two special anniversaries that once again demonstrate that we at Amann Girrbach are constantly driving the boundaries of technical possibilities forwards," said a delighted Melanie Röschmann, Director Global Business Unit - Consumables at Amann Girrbach. "At the same time, we are taking this opportunity to underline our quality promise with a 10-year warranty on all Zolid materials. We view ourselves as an holistic system provider and support our customers along the entire customer journey. With this in mind, we will also be focusing more on training and education in the coming years with regard to zirconia. This year, we will be kicking off with a series of webinars on the subject of working with zirconia."

Celebrating 10 years of Amann Girrbach Zolid Zirconia


Material:Zolid White
Made by:Amann Girrbach
Milestones:First Zolid blank
Caption:Bridge 13-16 infiltrated,
13 reduced frame,
14, 15 reduced vestibularly,
16 monolithic, coloured


Material:Zolid Preshade
Made by:Amann Girrbach
Milestones:First pre-shaded Zolid blank
Caption:Crowns 34-37
34 reduced, fully veneered
35 vestibularly veneered
36 circularly veneered
37 monolithic, coloured


Material:Zolid FX White
Made by:Amann Girrbach
Milestones:First monolithic anterior restorations
Caption:Veneers 33-43 monolithic, infiltrated and coloured


Material:Zolid FX Preshade
Made by:Amann Girrbach
Caption:Bridge 35-37 monolithic, coloured


Material:Zolid FX Multilayer
Made by:CDT Lucas Lammott, M31 Dental Studio, Gloucester MA, USA
Milestones:First blank with integrated colour and translucency gradients
Caption:Crowns 13-23 monolithic, glazed


Material:Zolid HT+ White
Made by:CDT Alexander Wünsche, Zahntechnique, Miami FL, USA
Milestones:First blank for monolithic, wide-span bridges
Caption:REAX bridge, monolithic, coloured and glazed


Material:Combination work Zolid HT+ White & Zolid FX ML
Made by:MDT Benni Votteler, Dentaltechnik Votteler, Pfullingen Germany
Caption:Implant bridge 16-26 (Zolid HT+ White) vestibular and gingiva cutback, rest monolithic. Molar crowns 16,17,27 (Zolid FX ML) monolithic, coloured & glazed


Material:Zolid HT+ Preshade
Made by:DT Luís Manuel Rocha Saraiva, Clarity Lab, Porto Portugal
Caption:REAX bridge, 13-23 vestibular and gingiva cutback, rest monolithic


Material:Zolid Gen-X
Made by:CDT Atsushi Hasegawa, Organ Dental Lab, Chigasaki-City, Japan
Milestones:Just one material for all indications - due to excellent material properties
Caption:Crowns 13-23 monolithic, coloured and glazed


Material:Zolid DRS
Made by:MDT Benni Votteler, Dentaltechnik Votteler, Pfullingen Germany
Milestones:High-speed sintering of crowns in 20 minutes
Caption:Crown 36 monolithic, colored and glazed 16 monolithic, coloured

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